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FIRST LOOK: January 2009 Bonus Previews

Check out these comics due out in January!

Get a peek at all the Marvel Illustrated and Marvel Adventures books coming your way in January!
THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ #2 (of 8) Written by ERIC SHANOWER Penciled by SKOTTIE YOUNG Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG Double origin issue! Find out how both the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman came to be. Romance and dismemberment, spontaneous life and evil spells-this issue has all sorts of surprises. Plus, you've never seen a Cowardly Lion before like Skottie Young's big bashful ball of fur! Join young Kansas farm girl Dorothy on the road through the Land of Oz as she collects companions with severe identity issues. 32 PGS./All Ages ...$3.99 KIDNAPPED! #3 (of 5) Written by ROY THOMAS Penciled by MARIO GULLY Cover by GERALD PAREL David Balfour and his companion aboard The Covenant, Alan Stewart, have survived the attack of the ship's crew and now control the ship's liquor. The reluctant Captain agrees to take Stewart to Linnhe Loch in exchange for bottles of brandy. All seems well until The Covenant strikes a reef and young David is thrown overboard! MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #47 Written by TODD DEZAGO Pencils & Cover by SANFORD GREENE "JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS"--SPIDER-MAN is a little red in the face when he assumes that the costumed figure leaving the scene of a crime is the criminal! Pointing out that that's what J. JONAH JAMESON does to him, The PROWLER reminds Spidey that it's never a good idea to jump to conclusions! 32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99 MARVEL ADVENTURES SUPER HEROES #7 Written by LOUISE SIMONSON Penciled by RODNEY BUCHEMI Cover by SALVADOR ESPIN Join legendary scribe LOUISE SIMONSON as she documents the origins of the greatest warrior godhood has e'er known: THE MIGHTY THOR! See how the God of Thunder came to our world, and what awesome adversities shaped him into a champion of man! 32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99 THE ODYSSEY #5 (of 8) Written by ROY THOMAS Pencils & Cover by GREG TOCCHINI To fulfill his promises to the goddess Circe, Odysseus sails to the Land of the Dead to uncover the next step in his legendary journey. Despite eluding Sirens and Cyclops, ogres and enchantments, Odysseus continues to encounter grave danger as his ship fast approaches the two fabled monsters, Scylla and Charybdis, from whose grasping arms and madly swirling whirlpools no ship has ever escaped. 32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$3.99 MARVEL ADVENTURES THE AVENGERS #32 Written by PAUL TOBIN Penciled by MATTEO LOLLI Cover by SALVADOR ESPIN No matter how powerful you are, how heroic you are, or how beloved you are, you still have to pay taxes. And when the IRS comes knocking on the door to Avengers Tower, it causes all sorts of problems. Luckily, the Avengers can avoid the problematic filing of their real names by helping the IRS collect back taxes on a few deadbeats. Unfortunately, those deadbeats include Bullseye, Man-Bull, the Absorbing Man, Whirlwind, and a certain highly-successful web- designer named Oog---and these guys DON'T want to pay! Action! Adventure! Taxes? 32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99 MARVEL ADVENTURES FANTASTIC FOUR #44 Written by PAUL TOBIN Art by DAVID HAHN Cover by TOM GRUMMETT & CHRIS SOTOMAYOR When a major fast food restaurant launches a "Good Taste Need Not Be Alien" advertising campaign, it hires a few aliens for publicity. But who's the marketing genius who thought Null the Living Darkness would make a good employee? And why won't anybody fire him? Battle lines are drawn at a fast food counter when the Fantastic Four stand between hungry citizens and an incredibly powerful, and incredibly belligerent, fast food cashier in, "Would You Like Living Darkness With That?" 32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99 MARVEL ADVENTURES TWO-IN-ONE #19 MARVEL ADVENTURES HULK #9 MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #45 64 PGS./All Ages ...$4.99

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