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Super Hero Squad

Marvel Announces Super Hero Squad: Hero Up! One-Shot!

It's time to

Marvel is proud to announce that SUPER HERO SQUAD: HERO UP! One-Shot will be released in January 2009, based on the successful Hasbro action figure line featuring Marvel's greatest heroes & villains. Written by fan favorite scribe Paul Tobin (MARVEL ADVENTURES: SUPER HEROES) and featuring art by the can't-miss team of Marcelo DiChiara & Chris Sotomayor, this extra-sized one-shot features all your favorite Marvel characters. Experience the Marvel Universe like never before, as the heroes & villains of Super Hero City clash in epic confrontations! Take a stroll down to the Xavier Institute, past the FF's Baxter Building...but don't stray too far, because dastardly Doctor Doom's domain is the next block over...! Plus, learn more about your favorite heroes with bios and more! This issue ships with two covers-one featuring the heroes of SSH and the other featuring the villains! Also, don't miss the SUPER HERO SQUAD POSTER, featuring all the heroes and villains of Super Hero City! In 2009, comic book fans everywhere will be asking "Are You Ready To Hero Up?" and there's only one place to find the answers- SUPER HERO SQUAD: HERO UP! One-Shot! SUPER HERO SQUAD: HERO UP! ONE-SHOT Written by PAUL TOBIN Art & 50/50 Covers by MARCELO DiCHIARA & CHRIS SOTOMAYOR All Ages ...$3.99 FOC-12/18/08, On-Sale-1/7/09 SUPER HERO SQUAD POSTER Poster by MARCELLO DiCHIARA & CHRIS SOTOMAYOR 24 x 36... $8.99 FOC-12/11/08, On-Sale-1/7/09 To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook

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