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Marvel Comic Previews for January 2009

Get your first look at the new year's batch of comics!

The New Year brings plenty of excitement and danger for Marvel's heroes, and with January just around the corner take a peek at everything in store for your favorite characters! Check out all of January's highlights, then head over to the January catalog for the full list!


January kicks off Marvel's year-long 70th Anniversary celebration with a variant cover to CAPTAIN AMERICA #46 featuring Marko Djurdjevic's stunning rendition of the original Human Torch! But that's just the beginning as over the course of 2009 we'll present more Djurdjevic variants featuring some of Marvel's most celebrated heroes, as well as top-secret surprises galore! The next 70 years of Marveldom begin here, True Believers! As for the more recent past, January also brings some awesome new collections, including the complete SECRET INVASION and fan-favorite writer Warren Ellis' RUINS, a dark vision of our heroes' potential future! Meanwhile, classic storylines including "X-Men: Proteus" and "Daredevil: Born Again" get the Premiere Hardcover treatment and "Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 1" swings in with a softcover edition!

THOR #600

The God of Thunder reaches his biggest milestone yet with the release of THOR #600! Writer J. Michael Straczynski brings the series back to its original numbering with an epic celebration of the Norse hero's history, including an all-new story written by Thor's creator, Stan "The Man" Lee himself, and a Mini Marvels adventure starring our titular hero! The war of the sexes gets cranked up to 11 in the pages of INCREDIBLE HERCULES #125, with Herc going toe-to-feminine-toe with an all-women version of the Avengers in the United States of Amazonia! How has it come to this? And can the Greek Goliath bring the world back to the way it was? And don't forget to check out the AGENTS OF ATLAS collection, reprinting the fan-favorite limited series from Jeff Parker and Leonard Kirk as well as the first appearances of each team member from the Golden Age of Marvel Comics!


Next year's biggest cosmic event begins here with SECRET INVASION: WAR OF KINGS #1, brought to you by writers of the spaceways Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning! Find out how the Skrulls' invasion leads straight into the newest cosmic epic as Black Bolt and the Inhumans' Royal Family strike back...but how will the rest of the universe react? Meanwhile, in the Shi'Ar Empire, Vulcan continues his expansion in X-MEN: KINGBREAKER #2 as Lilandra and the Starjammers continue to mount their rebellion against the tyrannical emperor! Plus, Rogue returns in X-MEN: LEGACY #220, the mystery of the Ghost Box continues to unfold in ASTONISHING X-MEN #28, Darkchilde arrives to the teams' doorstep in X-INFERNUS #2 and Madrox and Siryn's baby is born in X-FACTOR #39!


Are you ready to hero up? Then SUPER HERO SQUAD #1 is just the thing for you! Bringing you your favorite Marvel heroes and villains as you've never seen them before, this one-shot takes you on a tour of Super Hero City, where the Super Hero Squad patrols the streets making sure no altercations break out between neighbors like the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom! And speaking of that mischievous monarch, DR. DOOM AND THE MASTERS OF EVIL #1 debuts in January, and the first issue unites the FF's arch nemesis with the Sinister Six! But when Dr. Strange and Iron Man get added to the mix, we predict Doom's plans might not go as he originally planned...


Frank Castle targets the mysterious "Dark Reign" in PUNISHER #1, courtesy of his new creative team Rick Remender and Jerome Opena! Why has the Sentry fallen into our favorite anti-hero's crosshairs, and who is the Punisher really after? Castle continues to make his presence felt in the larger Marvel Universe, and we feel sorry for any heroes who cross his path. If you're still hankering for a darker take on your favorite heroes, X MEN NOIR and SPIDER-MAN NOIR both release their stunning second issues with even more twists and turns! Chief Detective Eric Magnus ramps up his investigation into the mysterious X Men after they rob the powerful-and well connected-Sebastian Shaw, and Peter Parker mounts his attack on the Goblin's mob. But can he trust reporter Ben Urich or Felicia Hardy? Head over to the January catalog for the full list! Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!

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