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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Thor's Journeys

Relive some of Thor's greatest journeys in these five digital gems!

By Marc Strom Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. Legendary artist Alan Davis brings the Thunder God to ancient Egypt this week in THOR: THE TRUTH OF HISTORY #1, but this hardly marks the first time our hero has journeyed beyond the realms of hallowed Asgard. In commemoration of his latest voyage, we've selected some of his most classic journeys, ranging from beautiful Greece to the wild west to the Black Galaxy! So kick back and catch up on Thor's greatest-and strangest-adventures in these five digital gems on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.


THOR v1 #132 Thor's creators, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, take the God of Thunder to Rigel, where he must stop a space lock which threatens Earth! While you'll just have to discover what a "space lock" is for yourself, we can say that Thor's run-in with the Colonizers of Rigel and their robotic Recorders is only the beginning of a journey which will lead him into the Black Galaxy for his first encounter with the terrible Ego, the Living Planet! Only Lee and Kirby could pack this much action into a 16-page story that will whiz by faster than Mjolnir, True Believer!

v1 #142

AVENGERS v1 #142 And lo there shall come...a trip to the wild, wild west? Thor's search for a missing Hawkeye and the villainous Kang the Conqueror leads him, along with Moondragon and Immortus, to 1873 and an encounter with classic Marvel western characters such as the Rawhide Kid, Night Rider and Kid Colt! Even more importantly, however, none other than classic Avengers artist George Perez illustrates this offbeat and memorable tale! How can Thor and the other Avengers hope to blend in long enough that Kang won't become aware of their presence? And just what is the time-travelling villain really up to? Read on and travel back to a bygone era like you've never seen before!


THOR v1 #355 In the wake of Odin's apparent death following his epic battle with Surtur, Thor goes beyond the realms of Asgard in order to grieve his loss in isolation. But when he finds himself trapped under an avalanche, he soon wishes he hadn't chosen such a secluded locale and all seems lost until a stranger discovers the Norse God and nurses him back to health. Thor soon learns there's more to this mystery man than meets the eye, but getting beneath the surface will require more work than the Thunder God planned on, and in the Mighty Marvel Manner our hero manages to assuage his grief with a good, old-fashioned, godly fistfight!


THOR v1 #361 Asgard's favorite son packs his things and heads to Hel in this classic story from Walter Simonson! Thor forms an uneasy alliance with the Executioner and leads a small army into Hela's realm to reclaim the human souls which she has stolen. But Hela doesn't plan on letting those souls go without a fight, and if she has her way she'll get Thor's as well before the issue ends! Can the God of Thunder and his Asgardian troops resist the temptations thrown their way long enough to make it out of Hel in one piece?


THOR: BLOOD OATH #3 For your average traveler, a jaunt to Greece offers a welcome vacation from all your worries at home. For Thor and the Warriors Three, however, it's all business, as they must collect a number of mystical items in order to clear the Warriors' names of murder! And when the four Asgardians ask Hercules to relinquish the Magic Pig of Dionysius, the Prince of Power won't give it up easily. The resulting match of brawn against brawn shakes the very world...but what're you doing still listening to us just talk about it? Go check this gem out for yourself-you won't regret it! Check out more Thor on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes!
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