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Exclusive Digital Comics

Exclusive Digicomic: Halloween Special #1

Check out the new exclusive digicomic MARVEL HALLOWEEN SPECIAL ISSUE #1!

Have you read our exclusive Digital Comics yet? Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited offers all-new, all-awesome stories starring your favorite heroes only available to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscribers. Stay tuned to Marvel.com for news on future exclusive Digital Comics!
This Week: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL ISSUE #1 Frankenstein might be one of the most misunderstood monsters out there, so it's just his luck when an overprotective mother temporarily blinds him, thinking he was attacking her daughter. Fortunately, Frankenstein stumbles into a friend who understands his plight. That is, until the full moon comes out... Make sure you sign-on for this special Halloween Monster Mash! And don't miss the extra four page Franklin Richards, Halloween story! You can find both stories in HALLOWEEN SPECIAL ISSUE #1, exclusively on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. HALLOWEEN SPECIAL ISSUE #1 Written by: Dean Haspiel Pencils by: Joe Infurnari Only available in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Coming Next Week: MARVEL TV: MONSTERS, MYTHS AND MARVELS #2 Prepare for your world to be turned upside-down as experts de-bunk Galactus and explore the financial motivations for creating such a being. With limited (fake) commercial interruption. Coming November 12: American Eagle: Just a Little Old-Fashioned Justice Leaping out of the pages of Thunderbolts, Jason Strongbow aka American Eagle, tribal leader and former super hero, keeps the peace throughout Navajo lands. Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!
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