Halloween Spooktacular 2008

Digital Comics Storyline Spotlight: Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze embarks on a Spooktacular ride out of hell in GHOST RIDER: ROAD TO DAMNATION



By Erin Kelly Each week we highlight a classic storyline told in full inside Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, the greatest collection of Marvel comics available online! This week we take a Halloween Spooktacular trip down memory lane with GHOST RIDER: ROAD TO DAMNATION!


Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider, fits in somewhere between heaven and hell. He shares his body with a demon, but uses its powers to help the innocent. Johnny takes on both good and evil in GHOST RIDER: ROAD TO DAMNATION, available on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. GHOST RIDER: ROAD TO DAMNATION begins with Johnny trapped in hell until the angel Malachi arrives and offers to free Ghost Rider if he can capture a rebellious demon named Kazaan. However, the Spirit of Vengeance needs to act fast, because both heaven and hell have sent their big guns, in the form of the demonic Hoss and the archangel Ruth, to retrieve Kazaan. Meanwhile, Malachi has an agenda of his own. The stakes are high as Ghost Rider takes on both Heaven and Hell in GHOST RIDER: ROAD TO DAMNATION by Garth Ennis and Clayton Crain. Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now! Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes!

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