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Guardians of the Galaxy: The New Guard

Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning introduce a new story arc and a new team roster to GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

By Jim Beard Don't get too cozy with those high-flying Guardians of the Galaxy. The current line-up's out, clearing the space-lanes for the new team-and a raccoon shall lead them! Writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, "DnA" to their fervent followers, promise a new story arc debuting November 26 in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #7, one sure to raise a few eyebrows. That's right; a new set of Guardians hits the scene and space will never be the same. The Clint Langley cover to issue #7 reveals the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Major Victory, Groot, Bug, and others, all lead by that furry ball of fury Rocket Raccoon. "Rocket Raccoon puts the Guardians team back together again after the fallout of the Secret Invasion crossover," explains Abnett. "Drax, Quasar, Warlock and Gamora have all quit to pursue their own agendas and Starlord is M.I.A. To top that all off, we've got the return of the Badoon and an explosive appearance by the original Guardians!"

cover by
Clint Langley

The classic Guardians first traversed the galaxy in 1969's MARVEL SUPER HEROES v1 #18, and took on the alien Badoon beginning in DEFENDERS v1 #26, in 1975. Never fear, though; Abnett and Lanning have designed GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #7 as the perfect beginning point for new readers-no previous Guardians knowledge needed. "This is a great jumping on point as we introduce a new team out of the blocks and begin new storylines that will play out over the next few issue and lead us into the War of Kings crossover," Lanning says. "If you've never read a Marvel cosmic book, this is a great place to start!" Out front of the new Guardians soars Rocket Raccoon, a feisty little character who has taken Mighty Marveldom Assembled by storm. Huge fans of the diminutive daredevil, Rocket's current scribes proudly proclaim his value as leader. "He's a wise-cracking, anthropomorphic talking raccoon with a huge gun," Abnett notes. "What's not to love?"

Preview art by
Paul Pelletier

"He's a great tactical and a charismatic leader and he's got a silky pelt and a big fluffy tail," adds Lanning. "Ideal qualities in any leader." Vance Astro, aka Major Victory, once lead an earlier team of Guardians but currently struggles with a major identity crisis. One might wonder if the Major might take umbrage at taking orders from a talking animal. "This is Vance's first outing with the new team, and he's on probation because so little is known about him, even by himself," reminds Abnett." Will he prove to be a heroic asset or a potential liability? Until then, he's following the fluffy guy's orders!" "Groot has grown enough to be part of the team and we get to see some heavy-duty Groot action," says Lanning of the Guardians' resident intelligent-and mobile-plant-based agent. "As an arboreal monarch, he's pretty set in his ways and not very flexible but is a crucial member of the team and has learned to bend with the wind."

Preview art by
Paul Pelletier

As if laser-toting ring-tailed carnivores, time-lost heroes, and articulated plants weren't Guardians enough, the new team also features one of the most unique Marvel characters ever-the one, the only Bug. "Bug's been part of [Rocket's] team before and has come onboard to make up the numbers even though he's a tad miffed at not being included in the original cut; he believes he should have been top of the list," notes Lanning. "In the meantime, he's been reacquainting himself with a variety of female members of exotic alien species, living up to his self styled image as the 'love bug'!" Whew! It's all there in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #7, True Believers. Take a look-see on November 26 and join the ranks of the Guardians of the Galaxy yourself. You'll thank us! And check out Rocket, Groot and Bug's original teaming in ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST-STAR-LORD on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes!

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