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Colbert for President

President Colbert? No He Can't

Sorry Daily Bugle, the truthiness is Colbert lost...

Scooch over, Thomas Dewey. You've got company. "The DB," the leading newspaper of the Marvel Universe, proved today that history sure can repeat itself. In an eerie reflection of the 1948 presidential election, the Wednesday morning "DB" proudly declared that Populist candidate and talk show host Stephen Colbert had beaten opponents John McCain and Barack Obama in Tuesday's Marvel U Presidential Election. However, Colbert only won the popular vote, with Barack Obama taking the electoral college and the Presidency. For the full story, read Ken Ellis' Indecision2008.com blog. Ellis, a "DB" staff reporter, has covered the Colbert campaign extensively from its earliest days. For more Colbert for President coverage check out Marvel.com's Colbert for President Hub and these Marvel.com stories: Colbert For President Spider-Man & Stephen Colbert Team Up In Amazing Spider-Man #573! Marvel Unveils Stephen Colbert Variant to Amazing Spider-Man #573! Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!
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