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New Warriors: The End

Writer Kevin Grevioux looks back on NEW WARRIORS as the book comes to a close and talks of the team’s time tripping

#18 preview art

By Tim Stevens The current incarnation of the New Warriors grew from the wake of Civil War, a team of anti-registration heroes who sought redemption personally and for their community. Their biggest opposition in this quest came from Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. On November 26 in NEW WARRIORS #18, the team travels to the future to find the more things change, the more they stay the same, coming up against an Iron Man not only committed to superhuman registration, but now breaching the edge of corruption. Going to the future, however, comes as an accident. Donyell Taylor, the current Night Thrasher, had his sights set on the past in hopes that he could resurrect his brother Dwayne, a goal shared by writer Kevin Grevioux. "Ever since I started the book I tried to think of a way to really bring Donyell's story full circle," he admits. "I thought that [him] actually trying to bring his dead brother back to life was the way to do it, secretly building a time machine to save [Dwayne] in the past and hoping to have him alive in the present." However accidental the team's foray into

#18 preview art

future may be for them, the trip comes as very intentional on the writer's part, an arc that mirrors the book's beginning themes. "That way, you keep the mission statement and its consequences always in the forefront of the books direction," Grevioux explains. "I wanted to do it in a way that would have the most drama and excitement for the reader." With this being the final arc of NEW WARRIORS, Grevioux looks back at a book that took him in different directions than he initially expected. "I didn't get to really execute my original pitch for the series because of the changes with how Iron Man/Stark was to be depicted in the Marvel U," he reveals. "We couldn't really make him the 'bad guy' or the center of attention like I wanted. After all, Stark really isn't a villain. Also, a lot of the storylines I had planned delved too deeply into real-life aspects of being political dissidents, which were outside the purview and scope of the book. This is the New Warriors, not the Avengers, so our stories had to be smaller and more contained."

#18 cover by
Nic Klein

The book may be entering its last lap, but Grevioux does not think that the end of the NEW WARRIORS spells the end of the characters it spotlighted. "They are definitely available for other creators to pick up," he says. "I know there is talk of a possible Night Thrasher limited series. And Jubilee and Jono are definitely characters that fans want to see again. We'll see what happens." Fans can see how the Warriors handle the future starting in NEW WARRIORS #18, which lands on shelves on November 26. Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes!
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