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Preview: Fantastic Four: True Story #4

COVER BY: NIKO HENRICHON WRITER: PAUL CORNELL PENCILS: HORACIO DOMINGUES INKS: HORACIO DOMINGUES COLORED BY: HORACIO DOMINGUES LETTERED BY: DAVE LANPHEAR THE STORY: It's the end of the FF's adventure in the worlds of Fiction! Will there be a happy ending?! Are those wedding bells we hear?! Can it really be that, as the title has it, Johnny Storm Saves Books?! And there's this trick Reed pulls that made our eyes cross. And the big villain who we can't reveal yet because you'll see this before he first appears, oh, he really gets hoist by his own petard! But will the team get back to reality in time to save Billie Lumpkin? All this and a talking badger! Rated A ...$2.99 IN STORES: November 12, 2008 Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Fantastic Four!

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