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Annihilation Visual Guide

The full cover gallery to this cosmic blockbuster and the sequel, Conquest

By Ryan Penagos Annihilation! It's Marvel's biggest cosmic event in years and one heck of a crazy ride. There've been deaths and resurrections, massive battles and down-and-dirty scraps and enough big moments to fill a dozen blockbuster films. To help fans new and old keep track of the books involved in the story, we at Marvel.com have put together this handy visual guide. The guide is arranged chronologically according to the story's timeline so you can read the story in the order of events. We've even thrown the 2005 Drax mini-series into the mix because it feeds into the entire Annihilation event and really sets the stage for a number of things that happen over the course of the event. The first wave of Annihilation may be over and the good guys stand triumphant, but something new is brewing. The first wave of Annihilation: Conquest has nearly passed, with the Phalanx pushing through a large chunk of space in the quest to gain control of the universe. Who's behind their resurgence? Who can stop them? Find out in ANNIHILATION: CONQUEST! Keep your eyes locked on our Annihilation hub for news and features such as the Annihilation: Conquest checklist. We've pimped the gallery out with any variant covers that exist and will keep updating the Visual Guide as more issues hit stands, so keep checking out Marvel.com to find out where the Annihilation Wave is going to hit next! Added on 11/1/07: Annihilation: Conquest - Quasar #4 Other Visual Guides on Marvel.com: Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter | Annihilation | Civil War | Dark Tower | Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America | Infinity Gauntlet | The Initiative | Marvel Zombies | Spider-Man: Back in Black | World War Hulk | X-Men: Endangered Species

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      WolvieKat420 member

      Why do these Image galleries get it right, continuity-wise on some things but not on others? Why do they list here the minis all grouped together, instead of actually showing us the order they're supposed to be read in?