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Punisher: War Zone Movie

Unlimited Highlights: Punisher Guest Spots

The Punisher plays party-crasher in these five digital gems!

By Marc Strom Ready to enter the "War Zone"? Keep an eye on Marvel.com as we bring you Punisher coverage right up until "Punisher: War Zone" storms cinemas everywhere December 5! Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. Frank Castle shoots his way onto the Silver Screen once again with "Punisher: War Zone," in theaters December 5, but before you head out to see his newest live action adventure catch up on some of the Punisher's interactions with the larger Marvel Universe! The Punisher may be one of the toughest so-and-so's in Marveldom, but the likes of Daredevil, Moon Knight and Ultimate Spider-Man give him a run for his money in each of these five digital gems, all available right now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

(1963) #183

DAREDEVIL (1963) #183 Comics legend Frank Miller brings the Man Without Fear into the Punisher's sights in the beginning of this daring two-part tale! Still recovering from the death of his former lady love, Elektra, Daredevil hunts down two drug dealers responsible for giving a young girl a fatal dose of Angel Dust. Unfortunately for DD, though, Frank Castle is a man on a very similar mission. The two street-tough vigilantes collide for the first time, but how will Matt Murdock respond to the Punisher's unique brand of "justice?" Here's a hint, True Believer: Not well.


AGENT X #2 The amnesiac Alex Hayden, a.k.a. Agent X, has just received an abandoned and rundown amusement park as payment for services rendered...and he's never been happier! But since happy protagonists don't make for very good drama, maybe a little visit from the Punisher will help spice things up a little. When Hayden sets out on his second mission, to steal the Punisher's guns, it's almost a given that explosions, gunfire and insanity ensue!

(2004) #8

MARVEL TEAM-UP (2004) #8 Frank Castle may not be a vampire, but there are still plenty of other ways to get on Blade's bad side! Of course, now Blade just has to convince the Punisher that he's not insane and vampires actually do exist in time to put a stop to an arms deal between a group of men with dubious intentions and a pack of undead bloodsuckers. But as Blade discovers, there's no proof quite like seeing a bunch of ravenous vampires in action...now if only the Punisher will stop shooting him long enough so he can prove his point!


ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #61 Spidey runs across the Ultimate Punisher at the scene of a bank robbery with guns a-blazin'! And because Ultimate Spider-Man is just as susceptible to the old Parker luck as his counterpart in the regular Marvel Universe, he now has to save an Ultimate Boomerang who has seemingly no fashion sense. How does a 15-year old kid outwit a gun toting, rather frightening vigilante with a giant skull painted on his chest? And anyway, the Punisher wouldn't hurt Spidey-after all, they're on the same side, right? Er, on second thought, you better duck, Webhead!

(2006) #10

MOON KNIGHT (2006) #10 While the rest of Marvel's heroes battle each other in the Civil War, the Fist of Khonshu sticks to the sidelines in a hunt for a ghost from his past, the villainous Midnight! When one of Marc Spector's visions brings him face to face with the Punisher, however, Moon Knight must take a long hard look at himself. This one may not have much in the way of fisticuffs, but Moon Knight's quest to better understand himself and his past actions takes a significant turn here, one that no fan of Spector or Frank Castle should miss! Ready to enter the "War Zone"? Keep an eye on Marvel.com as we bring you Punisher coverage right up until "Punisher: War Zone" storms cinemas everywhere December 5!

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