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Colbert for President

Quesada Delivers on Colbert Report!

Marvel Comics was given the Tip/Wag treatment on The Colbert Report last night, culminating in Joe Quesada's appearance

***Breaking News! Check out the "Washington Post's" coverage of Joe Q's "The Colbert Report" appearance!*** Even though Stephen Colbert was denied a place on the real-life presidential ballot, the powerful pundit remained a viable third party candidate in the Marvel Universe until the bitter end. It was that bit of info, along with the facts that he appeared on the cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #573 and the Daily Bugle declaring him president on the cover of its November 4 issue that earned Marvel a Tip Of The Hat on last night's "The Colbert Report." However, Colbert then turned on Marvel and gave it a Wag Of The Finger. Even though the Daily Bugle claimed Colbert as the winner on November 4, the win was taken away from him the very next day. The blame falls on the infamous Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson for going to print too early. It turns out that Colbert had in fact won the popular vote, but lost to Obama in the electoral vote. We can only imagine how Colbert might have improved the country's economy with the help of Tony Stark, stopped illegal Skrulls streaming across our space borders and would have finally arrested the Silver Surfer for public indecency. The show ended with another Marvel appearance as Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada made a quick cameo. After having learned that Barack Obama collects Spider-Man comics, Colbert insisted that the best way to get Obama to appear on the show is by having himself and Quesada sign the cover and leave it as bait. To increase the odds of Obama actually coming to claim the issue, Colbert had Quesada promise that he would talk Spider-Man into signing the cover himself. For more Colbert for President coverage check out Marvel.com's Colbert for President Hub. Check out last night's Marvel appearances on "The Colbert Report":
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