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Exclusive Digital Comics

Exclusive Digicomic: Marvels Channel: Monsters, Myths, and Marvels #3

MARVELS CHANNEL: MONSTERS, MYTHS AND MARVELS finally clears up the Galactus ''myth''

Have you read our exclusive Digital Comics yet? Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited offers all-new, all-awesome stories starring your favorite heroes only available to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscribers. Stay tuned to Marvel.com for news on future exclusive Digital Comics!
This week: MARVELS CHANNEL: MONSTERS, MYTHS AND MARVELS #3 Galactus... devourer of worlds... embodiment of a cosmos... oldest being in the universe... totally made up? Join reporter Gordon Allsworth as he concludes his search for the truth about the foremost foe of the Fantastic Four. Prepare for your world to be turned upside-down one last time, as Allsworth comes to his final conclusions about "Galactus." Don't miss MARVELS CHANNEL: MONSTERS, MYTHS AND MARVELS #3, only on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. MARVELS CHANNEL: MONSTERS, MYTHS AND MARVELS #3 Written by FRANK TIERI Pencils and Inks by: JUAN SANTACRUZ Only available in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Also this week: FRANKLIN RICHARDS: FRANKLIN'S BIRTHDAY! This week is Franklin Richards week on Marvel.com! The first-born son of Marvel's First Family celebrates his birthday in style with his own exclusive digital comic! Coming next week: Fin Fang Four There was a time when giants walked the Earth! Monstrous creatures! Products of science gone MAD!!! But what happens when some of these terrible titans try to play nice? Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!

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