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Thunderbolts #113 Young Guns Variant Revealed

Billy Tan wrangles Songbird and Swordsman

In the wake of the shocking events unfolding in CIVIL WAR, the world has seen the debut of an all-new, all deadly Thunderbolts! Comprised of some of the most dangerous foes in the Marvel Universe and under strict governmental control, this team is the best option the world has to bring in the rogue heroes that continue to defy the Registration Act. Now, seen for the first time, comes the Thunderbolts #113 variant cover by YOUNG GUNS RELOADED superstar Billy Tan (Uncanny X-Men) featuring the veteran Thunderbolts Songbird and Swordsman! And as an added treat, get your first look at Marko Djurdjevic's standard cover! Each cover in the first arc will be drawn by the members of the Young Guns that interlock to build a shot of the world's most dangerous team ever assembled, as based on series' artist Mike Deodato's design. Venom, lethal protector! The enigmatic Moonstone! Bullseye, the man who never misses! Songbird, mistress of sound! Chen Lu, the Radioactive Man! Swordsman, master of the blade! The mystery man called Penance! And Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin! They're America's newest celebrities, ready to take to the skies at a moment's notice in pursuit of those secret, unregistered superhumans hiding among us! They're making the world a safer place for ordinary people one would-be costumed hero at a time! Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks for the debut of each of the Young Guns Reloaded variant covers for the all new, all deadly THUNDERBOLTS, here on Marvel.com



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