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Punisher: War Zone Movie

TGIF: The Punisher

Axel Alonso, Jeff Parker and more pay tribute to Frank Castle in anticipation of his latest big screen blockbuster

Ready to enter the "War Zone"? Keep an eye on Marvel.com as we bring you Punisher coverage right up until "Punisher: War Zone" storms cinemas everywhere December 5!
Since 1974, Frank Castle has been making criminals pay for the death of his innocent family. Along the way in his road to justice, vengeance, or something in between, the Punisher has become a bonafide fan favorite and one of the most complex characters in the Marvel Universe. With the release of "Punisher War Zone" less than three weeks away, we asked various Marvel creators and editors what draws them to the man in black. It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.


DANIEL KETCHUM (Marvel assistant editor): While it isn't exactly Frank Castle, there's one story I enjoyed working on more than any other during my tenure as assistant editor on the Punisher books: the five-issue BARRACUDA limited series. There's just no another character like Barracuda, and you can tell that Goran Parlov enjoyed drawing him as much as Garth Ennis enjoyed writing him. And the insane, irreverent supporting cast that takes part in Barracuda's South American adventure just makes the story: a banana republic dictator, an ex-porn star, a hemophiliac, a not-so-upstanding priest and a transvestite. How can you go wrong with a cast like that?! My only complaint is that we don't publish more books like this one. MARC SUMERAK (writer of WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS): There have been quite a few memorable Punisher moments over the years. I mean, who can forget the twisted humor of "Welcome Back Frank" or the sheer strangeness of ARCHIE MEETS


THE PUNISHER? But my absolute favorite Punisher moment happened in an unlikely place: the letters page of PUNISHER WAR ZONE #2, April, 1992. It was the very first time my name saw print in a Marvel Comic-and, thankfully, not the last! KEVIN GREVIOUX (writer of ADAM: LEGEND OF THE BLUE MARVEL): I love the original PUNISHER: WAR ZONE [series] drawn by John Romita Jr. He basically showed the Punisher as culturally Italian and taking down his own people in the mob. A lot of good solid character moments and a great "undercover" piece. WARREN SIMONS (Marvel editor): If you're a comic fan and you're over 18, do yourself a favor and go pick up PUNISHER MAX: FROM FIRST TO LAST. Three brilliant stories by Garth Ennis, three brilliant artists, and you've got the recipe for an instant classic. Probably one of my favorite titles


over the past few years, I can't recommend it enough. JEFF PARKER (writer of AGE OF THE SENTRY): My favorite thing about the Punisher is that he magically attracts some of my favorite artists. What stands out is the Jorge Zaffino stories, and then later Goran Parlov. Man that is some sweet art altogether. I've always hated his white boots though. AXEL ALONSO (Marvel Executive Editor): I've edited [the most recent] PUNISHER [series] since issue #1, and I've got to say, without any hesitation, my favorite thing is Barracuda. That guy is the most lovable stone-cold gangster in all creation. Whether he's taking a Crystal bath or digging a bullet out of a limb, he's always optimistic. You just can't hate him.


JORDAN WHITE (Marvel assistant editor): I never was into the Punisher back in the 90's, during his heyday, with two exceptions. The first, and biggest, is ARCHIE MEETS THE PUNISHER. This is the best crossover ever published. True to both series at the same time without selling either out, it works on so many levels. The second was another one-shot, PUNISHER: A MAN CALLED FRANK, which was an old-west version of the Punisher story. Since then, of course, I was completely won over by Garth Ennis' run on the book. Incredible stuff. What I like about his Punisher is that his is the story of the indomitable will. He sets his mind on something, and by sheer force of desire, he makes it happen. Nothing can stop him. It's a really engrossing read. All of Ennis's work on the book has been amazing, but to me, PUNISHER: THE END


stands out as the best. It just blew me away when I read it the first time. By far the best comic I had read in ages. One of my all-time favorites. I know a lot of "The End" comics are viewed as apocryphal, basically "What If" tales, but, to me, this one is essential to the character of the Punisher. I think one of the things "parade-rainers" like to ask about Punisher is "He could not possibly stop all crime-why even bother, when it's impossible?" They should read this issue. Not so pointless now, is it? For more of the Punisher, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes!

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