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Spotlight on Civil War: The Return

Editor Steve Wacker sheds some light on the upcoming Civil War tie-in

Editor Steve Wacker sheds some light on the Civil War tie-in

By Jim Beard

When the Civil War is over, the Marvel Universe will stand transformed. Not just rhetoric, those words will soon be gospel, and should serve as both a promise and a warning to those who feel they know every in and out of the famous Marvel heroes and villains. When the dust settles, the landscape will be changed forever, paving the way for a favorite--yet absent--character to return.

We recently cornered editor Steve Wacker, a man of few words yet mighty actions who's still relatively new to the Marvel stable, and interrogated him for news of the ultra-mysterious project known as CIVIL WAR: THE RETURN. Though coerced details were sparse, the weight of this ominous one-shot loomed over the proceedings like the proverbial 800-pound gorilla.

CIVIL WAR: THE RETURN, collaborated upon by the more-than-capable team of Paul Jenkins, Tom Raney and Scott Hanna, is in truth two complete stories. These tales are of such monumental import that the ecstatic editors of the House of Ideas simply couldn't cram them into CIVIL WAR proper. As Wacker deftly adds, this should make THE RETURN "one of the biggest books of the new year."

"In the first story, we see the return of one of the Universe's greatest soldiers," says Wacker, clearly both excited and agitated by the revelation. "A hero many thought we'd never see again."

Editor Wacker pauses, unsure of exactly how much he can say. "The book is the ground floor of a return to greatness for a character who's given a second chance to make things right. You'll be able to follow Him later this year in his own book, hopefully."

But what of CIVIL WAR: THE RETURN's second story? It too is of major consequence, though this time for an easily recognizable Marvel Character, one who's played a significant role in the deadly Civil War. "In story number two," continues Wacker, his eyes darting up and down the hallway, searching for signs of the Marvel security forces. "One of the current superstars on Marvel's roster is faced with a decision that will not only affect the end of CIVIL WAR, but will also play into events within MIGHTY AVENGERS and WORLD WAR HULK."

"It's one of the few opportunities we've had to really get into the head of one of the characters and determine why many have decided to follow the Registration Act rather than fighting it."

By this point, Wacker was sweating profusely as he shambled back to his darkened office, nervously looking over his shoulder. Your friends here at Marvel.com though were not to be deterred in their mission to bring you all the juiciest tidbits of information about CIVIL WAR: THE RETURN, so we grimly deemed other methods of information gathering necessary.

What follows is a transcript of a secret strategy meeting between Steve Wacker and a surly, unnamed staffer. Our Agent risked life and limb (not to mention his comp box) to smuggle these notes out to you, the Mighty Marvel Fans:

Staffer: Let's talk CIVIL WAR: THE RETURN. I need to know who's coming back.
Wacker: Ask away. Doesn't mean I'm really gonna tell you anything.
Staffer: What about Jean Grey?
Wacker: She'll continue to return every other month as she has since 1986.
Staffer: [unintelligible] Loki?
Wacker: You mean Clo-ki?
Staffer: Gotta be Captain Marvel...the original one.
Wacker: Yes, it's him.
Wacker: Oops.
Staffer: Smart guy. Then his son, the other Captain Marvel...Genis-Vell?
Wacker: Yes, it's him.
Wacker: Oops.
Staffer: [expletive deleted]! What about whatshisname...Adam Warlock?
Wacker: Yes, it's him.
Wacker: OOPS!
Staffer: [heavy sigh] I can fire you, y'know. What about X-Man?
Wacker: That's Axel.
Staffer: Quasar, [expletive deleted]! QUASAR!!!
Wacker: I'll give you this much...odds are good you'll see him soon enough.
Staffer: Okay, okay, now get outta here!

There you have it, Marvelites and True Believers: all the latest on CIVIL WAR: THE RETURN. You can find your copy on sale 1/24/07 at comic shops everywhere.



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