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Young Guns Reloaded Profile: Simone Bianchi

By Jim Beard

What is Young Guns Reloaded? To put it simply, it's a vision of things to come. Six talented artists, overflowing with creativity, are being rocketed into what Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada calls the "red hot spotlight"...and the comic art landscape will never be the same. This is the new class of Young Guns, and their time has come to show the world what makes them rock. Simone Bianchi is a laid-back kind of artist. So when he was told he was one of the new Young Guns, he took it in stride. "When I was first asked to join the new group," he chuckles, "I was floored. Then I realized that along with the excitement, the Young Guns gig would bring some kind of responsibilities and expectations along with it. "That said, I can only promise all my Marvel fans that I am putting all the energy and enthusiasm possible in to this Wolverine storyarc. Logan is my favorite character and that really helps a lot," he assures. Bianchi jumps onboard the good ship Wolverine alongside scribe supreme Jeph Loeb in January, just in time for the milestone 50th issue. His beautiful, lush artwork has also graced such Marvel stalwarts as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men "Anyhow," he points out. "It's a great feeling being considered at the same level of all the other great artists chosen for the new Young Guns, and also knowing that Marvel's trust in me is so huge! I won't let you guys down, promise!" With a six-issue Wolverine stint currently on his plate, Bianchi can also juggle a few thoughts about his future creative output. "As for where I want to go next year," he responds thoughtfully. "That's pretty unpredictable for me at this time. It'll depend a lot by the kind of response, in terms of sales and critiques our work--me and the mighty and bombastic Jeph Loeb--will receive on Wolverine. Meanwhile, the only thing that really matters to me is to focus on the joy that working on a project like this can give me. "Trust me, people and fans are always very sensitive about this; if you are happy and excited about your work, they will be as well. I can only hope to look back at this six-issue storyarc I am working on right now in years to come and be completely happy with what I did...at least for once in my career!" Of course," Bianchi continues, "I am also looking forward to further establishing my name in the business the best I can now, and try to reach all those people who are not familiar with my work! Stay tuned!" Could anybody refuse such a reasonable request as that? We at Marvel think not! And for those whose interests are piqued, take a look at the artist's own site: www.simonebianchi.com for a further look at this unique and talented Young Gun.



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