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Civil War

Get ready because the Marvel Universe is gearing up for a CIVIL WAR! Two years worth of big events at the House of Ideas (Avengers: Disassembled, House of M, Decimation, Enemy of the State and others) have sent ripples through the Mighty Marvel Mythos. Watch those ripples rise into a tidal wave of tension as Civil War leaves no corner of the Marvel Universe unaffected.

The road to Civil War begins in March with the New Avengers: Illuminati one-shot where the Marvel brain-trust revealed in New Avengers is ripped apart. And when the greatest minds of the Marvel Universe can't agree, it can only mean one thing: WAR!

The first shot is fired in May as the 7-issue Civil War mini-series kicks off a mega-event by the all-star team of Ultimates 2 writer Mark Millar and New Avengers penciler Steve McNiven. When half of the Marvel Universe takes on the other half and it's brother versus brother, you will have to decide: Whose side are you on?

December 28, 2005
Civil War Retail Poster
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