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December Marvel Previews Now On Marvel.com

Want to know what's happening in your favorite Marvel titles this December? Well, look no further because Marvel.com has the goods on what's shaking in the Marvel Universe this holiday season, including Warren Ellis and Salvador Larroca bringing back the New Universe in the pages of newuniversal. Plus, a first look at Stephen King's Dark Tower in the Dark Tower: Gunslinger Born sketchbook and major Civil War tie-ins including Winter Soldier: Winter Kills, Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War, and Civil War: War Crimes. All this and a bevy of new mini-series including Ultimate Vision #1, Spider-Man: Reign #1 , and the secret history of the Illuminati revealed in New Avengers: Illuminati #1. Click here to see all-new covers and solicits for your favorite Marvel books coming this December.



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