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Dark Reign

Tuesday Q&A: Rosemann & Alonso

Two of Marvel's sharpest editors reveal the secrets behind the upcoming DEADPOOL/THUNDERBOLTS crossover

By Kiel Phegley You know what they say: good things come in twos. Like ice cream scoops, Doublemint twins and psychopathic super villains gone semi-legit. Fans have cause to celebrate this week as Marvel announced that its two biggest super "villain" serials will be crossing over in 2009 when DEADPOOL and THUNDERBOLTS crash into each other with the requisite amount of action, mayhem and insanity inherent in each series for the four-issue "Magnum Opus" starting in March's DEADPOOL #8 and continuing over to THUNDERBOLTS #130. For the full scoop, we checked in with two of Marvel's keenest editorial minds, Executive Editor Axel Alonso and editor Bill Rosemann, for their take on how Wade Wilson will rock Norman Osborn's Dark Reign.

cover by
Jason Pearson

Marvel.com: Gentlemen, why was now a good time to bring the stories of these two books together? DEADPOOL has just found its sea legs after the events of Secret Invasion and THUNDERBOLTS is similarly just out of the gate with a whole new direction. Does this bigger story help set the stage for how each title will work throughout 2009? Axel Alonso: Deadpool and Norman Osborn have been on a collision course since the first arc of DEADPOOL, "One of Us." As you'll recall, Deadpool infiltrated a Skrull ship in order to steal intel invaluable to Earth's war against the Skrulls-specifically information about how to kill a Queen. Wade did this as a "black op" mission for Nick Fury, but the intel is intercepted by none other than Norman Osborn, who, of course, used it to play himself into position as Earth's savior. So Wade is a bit pissed. The way he sees it, Norman owes him some money. And Norman has a loose end to deal with: a schizophrenic mercenary who's headed his way with a voucher for services rendered. And who better to take him out than the new Thunderbolts? Bill Rosemann: With the ongoing feud between Wade Wilson and Norman Osborn, I can't think of a better time. This grudge match has been building for months, and now it's time to let these maniacs loose to settle the score! Deadpool is the fly in Norman's soup, so he's sending his nasty team of skull-crushers to kill the chef!

#130 cover by
Francesco "Matt"

Marvel.com: We know that this story starts with Deadpool pretty much rushing head first at Norman Osborn. Is this really the smartest move he could make at this point in the game, or are we just going to have to accept that Wade is Wade and hope everything works out all right? Axel Alonso: No, it is not the best plan to rush Osborn headfirst, as "Magnum Opus" will prove. But remember, Deadpool may be crazy, but he isn't stupid. He's always got a plan. Bill Rosemann: Norman and Wade are both crazy-crazy like rabid foxes! Marvel.com: On the flipside, readers have yet to see what the new Black Widow-led team of Thunderbolts exactly operates like. Is it safe for us to assume that they're slinging for Norman pretty much? Bill Rosemann: When Norman says jump, his hand-selected cadre of killers asks, "How high?" When the guy signing your check gives you an order, you don't question him. Especially if it involves taking out a guy that they may have crossed paths with in the past-or if knocking him off will prove who the baddest apple in the barrel really is. Marvel.com: The title of the story is "Magnum Opus." Simply put, whose opus are we referring to here, and by story's end, will it be completed in a satisfactory manner?

cover by
Jason Pearson

Axel Alonso:
Let's see. Merriam-Webster defines, "magnum opus" as "a great work; especially: the greatest achievement of an artist or writer." So yes, it will end in a satisfactory manner. For everyone. Bill Rosemann: If you like explosions and punching and stabbing and gouging and scratching, then yes, you will indeed be one satisfied customer. Marvel.com: Beyond the fanboy fun of the premise, this is also a chance for the creators to spread their wings some. DEADPOOL writer Daniel Way just did a similar crossover between WOLVERINE: ORIGINS and X-MEN: LEGACY, but this is THUNDERBOLTS writer Andy Diggle's first long term Marvel gig. What has it been like watching the two bring their ideas together here? What kinds of new ideas for each book are getting born out of their give and take? Axel Alonso: This story came together real quick. Dan and Andy just chatted, sent us some outline notes, and we were off. Bill Rosemann: Merriam-Webster defines "magnum opus" as "watching Andy Diggle and Daniel Way collaborate and one-up each other." Axel Alonso: Dan and Andy hit it off immediately. Like ivory and well, ivory.

#128 cover by
Francesco "Matt"

Bill Rosemann: Reading Dan and Andy's e-mails was like enjoying an episode of Iron Chef where the secret ingredient was "demented writing." Let me tell ya, that's one tasty dish! Marvel.com: On the art end, you're seeing a guy getting right in the groove of his book on DEADPOOL with Paco Medina and a newcomer on THUNDERBOLTS in Bong Dazo. What do you expect them to deliver on these crossover pages? Axel Alonso: I refer to the DEADPOOL art team as the "Mexicutioners." Deadpool has never looked better than in the hands of Paco, [inker] Juan [Vlasco] and [colorist] Marte [Gracia]. It's got bounce and scale. Couldn't be happier. Bill Rosemann: We lured Bong Dazo-who is drawing THUNDERBOLTS #130 & #131-from the land of Star Wars books to the House of Ideas with the promise of cool characters to draw and amazing artists to work with. This story delivers both to him-and Bong is going to blow True Believers away with his combo of dynamic designs and eye-popping detail. Marvel.com: Wrapping up, where do you hope to leave the Deadpool/Norman relationship by the end of this story? Obviously, neither is planning on going away for a while. Will we be getting some conclusion to their beef over the Skrull files by the time we wrap or another phase in an ongoing back and forth between the two? Axel Alonso: Can't tell you that, or I'd be giving away too much. Bill Rosemann: Okay, I'll spill: After "Magnum Opus" Norman & Wade will be headlining their own two-man musical on Broadway. The Thunderbolts will be their dancers. Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!
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