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Unlimited Highlights: New Nation

Learn all about the stars of DARK REIGN: NEW NATION in these five digital gems!



By Ben Morse & Marc Strom Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. From the ashes of Secret Invasion, a Dark Reign has overtaken the Marvel Universe, and a new nation will rise. This week, the DARK REIGN: NEW NATION one-shot gives the world a sneak peek at new Marvel series spinning out of Secret Invasion's aftermath, including SECRET WARRIORS, AGENTS OF ATLAS, WAR MACHINE, NEW AVENGERS: THE REUNION and SKRULL KILL KREW. Learn more about the stars of this bold new nation with these five digital gems, all available right now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.


TALES OF SUSPENSE #78 SECRET WARRIORS star Nick Fury—once the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.—and Captain America reunite for the first time since World War II in this Stan Lee and Jack Kirby mini-epic! But don't think they'll just sit around chatting about the old times, Marvelite. Fury needs Cap's help in getting to the bottom of the mystery that is "Them," a shadowy organization which doesn't seem to have the world's best interests at heart. And our heroes must be onto something, because now they have to fight for their lives against an unstoppable robot determined to keep Cap and Fury from sticking their noses where they don't belong!


SKRULL KILL KREW #1 Long before Brian Bendis planted the first few seeds of Secret Invasion, Grant Morrison and Mark Millar offered fans another take on the Skrulls infiltrating our world in the cult-classic SKRULL KILL KREW. A group of gun-toting vigilantes mercilessly hunt down and kill all Skrulls posing as humans, from your teacher to your girlfriend! But soon they discover some humans are manifesting rather Skrull-tastic shape-shifting abilities, and while we won't spoil just how exactly this has happened, we will say that it involves Skrull cows, and what may have happened to them when they were taken off the pasture and into the butcher…for even more details than you probably ever needed to know, check out this stunning first issue!


AGENTS OF ATLAS #1 When rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo literally loses his mind going up against the mysterious Atlas Foundation, he's going to need some help from his old friends to save the day. Enter Gorilla-Man, Marvel Boy, Venus and the mighty M-11! Woo's teammates from the 1950's come to his rescue, but by the end of this first issue by writer Jeff Parker and artist Leonard Kirk, the Agents of Atlas will have an even more dangerous mission to undertake!


AVENGERS: THE INITIATIVE #2 On only their first mission, the Initiative already seems to be in way over their collective head, but luckily for them they've got a seasoned pro leading the charge: War Machine! When the the hordes of Hydra threaten the United States president, James Rhodes must lead a contingent of the Marvel Universe's finest fliers against the terrorist sect, including several Initiative members who have not quite earned their wings. Will War Machine and company be able to save the president and not lose one—or more—of their own in the process?


MARVEL ADVENTURES THE AVENGERS #16 NEW AVENGERS: THE REUNION co-star Hawkeye wants to join the Avengers, but unfortunately for him, most of the team members think he's a spy for the New Masters of Evil. Hey, that wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that, since he showed up and started helping Earth's Mightiest Heroes out, the Masters have known exactly where the team will be at what time, would it? Nah, that's probably coincidence. But in the meantime, witness Hawkeye put on the patented Clint Barton charm as he woos the ladies and puts the bad guys in his eagle-eyed sights in this all-ages romp! Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes!

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