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Marvel Zombies

Marvel Zombies Visual Guide

A complete look at the gory story

By Ryan Penagos

Heroes Con
2006 poster

When the Marvel Zombies universe first appeared in 2005's Ultimate Fantastic Four #21, few expected it to become the phenomenon it has. Spinning off into a mini-series and several upcoming projects, this ghoulish, twisted take on the Marvel U. isn't slowing down anytime soon. Wondering what order the various stories should be read in? Need to keep track of all the comics and the different variants? Fret not, Marvel.com has you covered. Read below for a quick rundown of the story and check out the gallery for images of all the Marvel Zombies-related books currently available. And if you're wondering what the image to the left is, it's the painting Marvel Zombies cover artist Arthur Suydam created for a Heroes Con 2006 poster!

Marvel Zombies
Spider-Man toy

It all began with Ultimate Fantastic Four #21-#23 as the zombified FF crossed over with the Ultimate U. The story then shifted, focusing on the zombie world in Marvel Zombies #1-#5. Ultimate FF #30-#32 tied up some loose ends on the Ultimate end, bridging that tale with the events taking place at the end of Marvel Zombies on the zombie world. But the stories don't end there. Or begin, for that matter. Dynamite Entertainment's Army of Darkness #13 ends with Ash, hero of the "Evil Dead" films (Which were directed by Spider-Man's Sam Raimi!) and Army of Darkness franchise getting shuffled off onto the Marvel Zombies world before the events of Ultimate Fantastic Four #21. Now, the five-issue Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness mini-series is here, helping to set up and explain--along with the one-shot Marvel Zombies: Dead Days--what happens to Ash and reveal how the world got zombified.

Wizard Magazine's
Marvel Zombies
Hostess parody ad

For you completists out there:
  • The fine folks at Wizard Magazine have provided us with the Marvel Zombies one-page parody ad they produced with Zombies artist Sean Phillips. The hysterically funny ad was originally published in Wizard #180 and can be seen at right. Thanks, Wizard!
  • We checked with Marvel Zombies editor John Barber to determine when Exiles#85 and #86 fit into the overal Zombies story and he informed us that those issues do not, in fact, feature Wolverine from Marvel Zombies, but a different zombified Wolverine altogether.
  • Spider-Ham becomes Zombie Ham in Ultimate Civil War: Spider-Ham #1, though that's not exactly canon.
  • Diamond Select Toys is creating a line of Marvel Zombies toys. Get more info here.
  • Black Panther and Storm meet the Galactus-fueled Marvel Zombies beginning with Black Panther #27.
  • We've gone behind the scenes with Diamond Select Toys to explore their Marvel Zombies toys in more depth. Check out the first story.

Spider-Ham meets
the Marvel Zombies

We'll be updating the gallery and information on this page as new issues, variants and more hit stands!

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