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Marvel Hotline

Marvel Hotline: What If? Secret Wars #1

Writer Karl Bollers discusses granting Doctor Doom ultimate power in WHAT IF? SECRET WARS

What do the hottest creators have to say about the biggest Marvel projects going? Now you can hear and see it all for yourself-spoken in their own words-it's all a part of our spankin' new Marvel.com video, Marvel Hotline! Every Monday, Marvel Hotline will feature a top creator chatting about his/her work on a comic soon to be in stores. Listen in on the exclusive phone conversation and see the awesome art for yourself!
WHAT IF? SECRET WARS writer Karl Bollers dials up the Marvel Hotline to speak about his new one-shot spinning out of the classic Marvel event! Doctor Doom came within a breath of gaining omnipotence during the seminal SECRET WARS limited series in the 1980s...but what if he had succeeded? That's the question Karl Bollers and artist Jorge Molina will answer in WHAT IF? SECRET WARS! Buy WHAT IF? SECRET WARS #1 at your local comic retailer beginning Friday, January 2, 2009. For more on WHAT IF? SECRET WARS check out: What If? Waging a Secret War

WHAT IF? SECRET WARS #1 COVER BY: GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI & MARKO DJURDJEVIC WRITER: KARL BOLLERS PENCILS: JORGE MOLINA IN STORES: January 2, 2009 To find a comic shop near you, call 1-888-comicbook. Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!
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