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A Gunslinger Revealed

A Gunslinger Revealed

Welcome to the Art Evolution, where we will have a weekly offering of new art from the Dark Tower series featuring the fine lines from Jae Lee and the brilliant colors of Richard Isanove. When available, we will pepper the art with insider commentary. So sit back and enjoy your first step into our online gallery as we go from Jae Lee's line art to the finished page!

The Painted Process by Richard Isanove

1. I chose this picture I had taken a few years ago in the southwest of France

2. and tweaked it until I obtained the desired color schemes.

3. Using it as a template, I painted over the photo, covering it up with brushstrokes, smudges and splatters.

4. I applied the line art,

5. blacked out all the shadow areas,

6. filled the light areas with the darkest color I could pick from the background,

7. then started modeling with mid-tones.

8. A few highlights, some touch-ups to blend line art and background, and voila.



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