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Unlimited Highlights

Unlimited Highlights: Stocking Stuffers

Get an extra helping of comics goodness for the holidays with these Giant-Size digital treats

By Ben Morse Every week we'll pick a handful of awesome comics from the thousands available through Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. From creator spotlights to editor's picks and more, this'll be your spot to find something new and cool. The holiday season has arrived, and there's no better way to celebrate than to curl up by the fire with a nice cup of hot cocoa (or ice water for those of you in tropical climates) and a heaping helping of Marvel Digital Comic Unlimited! This week, we make sure your stockings runneth over with five Giant-Size specials featuring the Avengers, the X-Men, the Hulk and more, each packed with plenty of goodies and back-up stories, all available right now on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

GIANT-SIZE HULK #1 Legendary Hulk writer Peter David joins up with artist Juan Santacruz to tell a flashback tale that will have major implications on World War Hulk, as the Green Goliath butts heads with the Champions of Los Angeles! When Hulk hits the City of Angels, it's up to the unique grouping of Hercules, Ghost Rider, the Black Widow, Iceman and Angel to try and succeed in taking him down where teams like he Avengers and Fantastic Four have failed in the past. But just wait until you learn suprising secret motivating the Hulk!

GIANT-SIZE MARVEL ADVENTURES THE AVENGERS #1 In a world without Captain America, the Avengers have fallen and Kang the Conqueror rules all! Who can take the place of Earth's Mightiest Heroes? Would you believe...the Agents of Atlas? Writer Jeff Parker and artist Leonard Kirk reunite with their favorite offbeat group of talking gorillas and human robots in this action-packed romp teaming the Avengers of today with the greatest heroes of the 1950's!

GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-WOMAN #1 Writer Brian Michael Bendis and Rick Mays contribute their own new eight-page story to this collection featuring Marvel's original Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew! Thrill to classic tales guest-starring the X-Men, Nick Fury and more! Relive the origin of Spider-Woman! And get in on the ground floor for the wild road that led Jessica Drew from obscurity to the heart of Secret Invasion!

GIANT-SIZE WOLVERINE #1 It's one of the most offbeat Wolverine adventures of all, as Logan encounters killer robots, mad mobs, bizarre aliens and a strange girl whose family holds a dark secret. Writer David Lapham and artist David Aja present this horrific Halloween odyssey that takes Wolverine from 85,000 feet above the Earth to the cornfields of Nebraska in a journey that may prove fatal even for the deadliest mutant of all!

GIANT-SIZE X-MEN #1 It's the historic debut of the All-New, All-Different X-Men, as the age of Marvel's mighty mutants begins here! When the original X-Men go missing in battle with Krakoa the Living Island, Professor X and Cyclops must recruit a new team that includes fan favorites such as Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus and the one and only Wolverine! Cyclops leads his bickering new troops into battle with an unspeakable menace, but can they succeed where their predecessors failed? This landmakr tale comes alive courtesy of Len Wein's words and the gorgeous art of comics legend Dave Cockrum! Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!

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