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Psych Ward

Psych Ward: Hyperion

Can Earth's most powerful hero be counted on to support America's interests?

By Tim Stevens (of Earth-31916) Mark Milton, aka. Hyperion, presents as an adult male of above average physical stature. While handsome, he would not be a particularly noteworthy face in the crowd. However, his bland, generic appearance should not be taken lightly. The patient is, in point of fact, not human at all. As part and parcel of his alien heritage, the patient possesses incredible powers. Although his physiology is very much analogous to those of human beings, his extraterrestrial origins bear monitoring as we have no idea how his brain might develop and evolve normally, never mind under the (presumably) different environmental conditions of our planet as compared with his. At this time, however, there is no evidence of any organic brain defects. In session, Milton vacillates between being non-communicative and petulant. He is prone to behaviors akin to super-powered

tantrums and often makes threats against the writer and staff. While this facility is specifically designed to secure and prevent any such injuries, it is should be noted that, eventually, whether by his choice or ours, Milton will be released into the community once more and thus his intimidation tactics should be taken seriously. In addition to the patient's acting out, he demonstrates a very strained connection to humanity. Since the revelation of his true self, he has both distanced himself from people and strove to, as he puts it, "see justice done." Thus, he will entangle himself in complex situations without care for the United States' interests in the regions one week while, essentially, running away and demanding to be left alone the next. While this quality makes him unpredictable, it is also what makes him easiest to control. It is the writer's belief that the patient very much loved his life as a "human" and hungers to be returned to that time and the way he felt during it. His frustration, which then triggers the negative behaviors we are looking to quell, comes from his inability to realize that goal. Therefore, while he has often reacted badly to revelations of his being "used" by others, the way to best bring him back under control is to create a sustainable scenario in which he can feel as though he is human and

that he belongs. The writer's opinion is that while a 100 percent perfect fabrication of typical American life is impossible for the patient, his own desire to re-embrace that aspect of himself will induce a suitable level of denial in him. In order to keep him under our control and supporting our interests, it is imperative that contact with Princess Zarda and the vigilante Nighthawk be kept to a minimum or, more preferably, cut off entirely. Both appear to be, in very different ways, contrary influences on Milton and their interference cannot be tolerated during such a sensitive period in this project. Perhaps it is time to revisit the idea of eliminating them in a manner that might win Milton's sympathies to our causes? Mark Milton's next session will occur on January 21 and be conducted by Doctors Howard Chaykin and Marco Checchetto. Details can be found in SQUADRON SUPREME #7. Earth-31916's Tim Stevens is a Mental Health Supervisor who is not above using his education for the manipulation of others for the government. For more Hyperion, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise!
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