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MDCU Creator Spotlight

Digital Creator Spotlight: Greg Pak

Rumble back to World War Hulk to witness the groundwork being laid for INCREDIBLE HERCULES

Every week, we'll tap one creator to browse Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and pick some of their favorite work from the expansive catalog. This week: INCREDIBLE HERCULES co-writer Greg Pak!


"Starting with INCREDIBLE HULK #106, we answer the question of exactly which Marvel heroes are crazy enough to side with the Green Goliath during World War Hulk. Illustrated by the brilliant Gary Frank, issues #106 and #107 follow incorrigible teen genius and number one Hulk fan Amadeus Cho as he confronts She-Hulk, Doc Samson, Namor, Namora, Angel, and, of course, Hercules, Prince of Power! Here's where Amadeus and Herc began their crazy buddy story, which continues now in the pages of INCREDIBLE HERCULES. Here's also where you'll find that massive Hulk/Herc throw down you've been waiting for. And Leonard Kirk illustrates issue #108, which explores the key similarities and differences between Hulk sidekicks Rick Jones and Miek." WORLD WAR HULK: INCREDIBLE HERCULES is currently available in trade paperback.
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