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Archrivals: Hulk vs Wolverine

We run down some of the greatest Hulk/Wolverine slugfests

On January 27, Hulk smashes to stores with the release of "Hulk Vs," a DVD and Blu-ray containing not one, but two different features! You could pick up either the single-disc edition, a two-disc special edition or the Blu-ray edition!
By Marc Strom Hulk smash puny Canadian mutant! Bruce Banner's Gamma-irradiated alter ego has had his fair share of altercations with Wolverine. From the X-Man's first appearance to the events of World War Hulk, Marvel's most heroic monster has put Wolverine's unbreakable skeleton to the test time and time again. Now, with the DVD and Blu-ray release of the animated "Hulk Vs" just a day away, bringing the Green Goliath against both Wolverine and Thor in a duo of all-new movies, we run down some of the greatest Hulk/Wolverine slugfests in Marvel history!

INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (1974) Wolverine made his debut with this three-way slugfest between the Canucklehead, Hulk and the cannibalistic Wendigo! Working for the Canadian government at the time, Wolvie goes berserker on the Hulkster after he manages to slice and dice the Wendigo. Managing to hold his own, Wolverine puts the Hulk's patience-or lack thereof-to the test, until the monstrous behemoth manages to land one doozy of a punch which succeeds in knocking Logan out, making the Hulk the winner in this pair's first dust up!

INCREDIBLE HULK #340 (1988) After catching a familiar scent, Wolverine ditches his fellow X-Men and comes up against the Hulk once again. Reminded of their previous encounter, the now-grey mammoth doesn't give Logan a chance to get a word in as he preemptively launches into a full scale beat down. However, also having learned his lesson, Wolvie gives no quarter as he guts the Hulk and leaves him for dead. Unfortunately, the Hulk's advanced healing system has him up on his feet again in no time and the battle continues until S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Alan Quartermain puts a stop to their rampage.

INCREDIBLE HULK #454 (1997) Hulk has set up camp in the Savage Land, but when Wolverine and Ka-Zar come knocking on his proverbial door, he gets a little upset. And when Hulk gets upset, he starts punching things. When Wolverine slashes at the Jade Giant's throat, the Hulk is relieved to discover his mutant opponent has lost the adamantium covering his skeleton, leaving him with bone claws incapable of breaking through Gamma-irradiated skin. Though he manages to get his hands around the X-Man's neck, a stampeding T-Rex breaks up the fight and the Hulk mysteriously collapses before it can resume.

WOLVERINE/HULK #1-4 (2002) A girl's ghost asks Wolverine to help her get "Uncle Bruce's" help in finding her father, but unfortunately for Logan, Uncle Bruce's last name just happens to be Banner. While the Hulk pummels him, the girl makes Wolverine promise not to hurt his agitator. Luckily for him, their one-sided battle causes a massive avalanche which smothers Hulk and renders him unconscious. But even with an advanced mutant healing factor, Wolverine had his share of aches and pains the next morning!

WORLD WAR HULK: X-MEN #2 (2007) Recently returned to Earth looking to make the Illuminati pay for rocketing him off to the nether regions of space, one of the first people Hulk stops to visit happens to be Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men. Wolverine joins his teammates in defending the Professor, and in one of the quickest Hulk/Wolverine battles on the record books the Hulk lands a punishing series of blows directly to Wovie's head, shaking his brain around in his unbreakable, adamantium-laced skull. Here's hoping that healing factor applies to brain cells, as well!
Want to catch up on your Hulk reading? Check out this list of essential comic collections, or read some digital comics, and be sure to visit the Marvel Shop for everything Hulk! And for more info, downloads and much more, check out the official Hulk Vs hub page!
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