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Amazing Spider-Man: Rock the Vote

Writer Marc Guggenheim talks politics, pundits and polls as AMAZING SPIDER-MAN provides New York with a new mayor



#585 cover by
John Romita Jr.

By Jim Beard You only thought the election was over. Turns out the new mayor of New York City's waiting in the wings to stand revealed in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #587, the third part of the "Character Assassination" story line. That's right, Spidey fans: the mudraking, mudslinging and malice over who becomes the mayor of the Marvel Universe NYC comes to end this February 18, courtesy of writer Marc Guggenheim and artist John Romita Jr. You thought things got hot in D.C. last November? As Guggenheim tells it: you ain't seen nothin' yet! "AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #585 ends with Spider-Man getting...wait for it...arrested!" he proclaims. "So #587 picks up directly after the arrest and all the fun chaos that ensues. We also get some more answers about the Spider Tracer Killings." The contentious campaigning between Mayoral candidates Bill Hollister and Randall Crowne stretches back to the very beginning of Brand New Day, encompassing mayhem, murder and the menace of Menace. Can our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man possibly make a personal stand in the midst of this political mess? "That's a good question," admits

#587 cover by
John Romita Jr.

Guggenheim. "We really haven't explored Peter's political leanings much. And we haven't explored Spidey's at all. I think it's good for these characters to remain apolitical. "That having been said, because Peter is close with Lily Hollister and Carlie Cooper, and both Lily and Carlie are stumping for Bill Hollister, that's probably where Peter's leaning. That having been said, Spider-Man will be in prison on election day, so I wouldn't count on him getting a chance to vote." Though the wall-crawler's problems with the law vie for attention with this brutal election season, it's a sure bet that his emotions in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #587 reflect those of the average New York voter as the polls open. "It's a bit chaotic," Guggenheim says of the atmosphere in the city. "The election is getting very close at the start of 'Character Assassination,' but Spidey's arrest in #585 is really, as the pundits like to say, a game-changer. I won't say who it changes the game in favor of, but the opening pages of 'Character Assassination' give you a pretty big clue." Spider-Man's also got his hands full with 30 of his deadliest foes in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #587—but does that mean super villains or something worse?

#588 cover by
John Romita Jr.

"The only villain that figures prominently on Election Day is Menace," Guggenheim notes. "Well, that's not entirely true. There's a certain Goblin character that plays a major role as well. But it's not necessarily the Goblin you're thinking of." Sounds like a typical day in Spider-Man's world, one that you can elect to inaugurate on February 18, in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #587. Of course, before that, be sure to catch issue #585 on February 4 and #586 on February 11! And check out the first 100 issues of the original AMAZING SPIDER-MAN on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Spider-Man!

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