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By Tim Stevens Robert Reynolds is an adult male of average appearance. However, it should be noted that the client will present differently if he is in the role of either of his alter egos. As Sentry, he is taller and much more physically fit. As the Void, he has a human form, but does not appear to actually have a body, just a dark mass covered by a trench coat and a fedora. At this time in session, the writer has not made an attempt to tap into either of these alter egos. In session, Reynolds presents as tentative, shy, and often ashamed. He is prone to taking responsibility for everything bad in the world with blanket statements of self blame. The client rarely smiles and is often near the point of tears, if not fully crying. While he does, at times, express anger and frustration, he quickly tamps it down and is very apologetic immediately

following such incidents. He lives in constant fear of resurrecting his Void persona and therefore does anything within his power to avoid negative emotions, especially anger. Currently, the Sentry belongs to the newly announced Avengers team led by H.A.M.M.E.R. Director Norman Osborn. Reynolds has little life beyond his "good" alter ego's adventures. Reynolds was referred here by his psychiatrist, Dr. Cornelius Worth, because it was the doctor's belief that the client had come as far as he could under his care and that more intensive, goal-oriented talk therapy was a necessity. Worth will continue to consult on Reynolds' medication regime for the foreseeable future. It is not an overstatement for this writer to claim that the client is easily the most extensive case of psychological dysregulation that the writer has ever encountered. Reynold's Axis I diagnoses include Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety Disorder Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Dissociative Personality Disorder, as evidenced by his Sentry and Void personas. The client does not yet have an Axis II diagnosis, but this writer hypothesizes that he probably suffers from Schizoid or Schizotypal Personality Disorder as demonstrated by his limited, awkward social

interactions and fear of anything that might spark negative emotions. Given his Void alter ego, it can also be said that the client has a form of Antisocial Personality Disorder that only manifests itself when that personality is "in charge." Additionally, Reynolds has developed, in many ways, a sort of Borderline Personality Disorder by refusing to express his emotions until they absolutely overwhelm him. Finally, it must also be noted that the client often has difficulty remembering events, especially when the Void is involved and can become confused by previously implanted memories. He has willingly subjected himself to an amnesiac state, induced by the Fantastic Four's Dr. Reed Richards, in an attempt to "lock away" his Void persona which has caused additional strain on his mental functioning. As such, it is often difficult for the writer to discern what has happened in Reynolds life and what has resulted from the work of either the Sentry's enemies or his friends. Currently, the client is meeting personal goals #1 and #2 (maintain my medication regime and meet with my psychiatrist regularly) with relative ease. He continues to refuse to accept goal #5 (step down from

SENTRY #6 cover
by Dave Bullock

active super hero activities until mental stability has been gained), but the writer is dedicated to eventually getting the client to understand its necessity. A large amount of session work right now is on personal goal #3 (learn proper emotion regulation) and, as such, the client is being taught how to "ride" emotions like a wave, opposite action, and that there is nothing inherently wrong with the expression of negative emotions. Progress is slow going, but strides have been made that both this writer and the client find heartening. Personal goal #4 (reintegration of my "alters") has been suspended until the emotion regulation work can be completed as it is hoped that that will provide a strong base for reintegration to begin on. Tim Stevens is a Mental Health Supervisor currently pursuing his Psy D who has experience in dealing with individuals with personality disorders and PTSD. Robert Reynolds next appointment is scheduled to take place on March 4 with Doctors Jeff Parker and Nick Dragotta. Details of their session can be found in THE AGE OF THE SENTRY #6 file. Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes!

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