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Archrivals: Daredevil vs The Kingpin

Take a ringside seat for the most titanic tussles between the Kingpin of Crime and The Man Without Fear

By Jim Beard Though once solely the opponent of a certain web-headed wall-crawler, the Kingpin of Crime has become widely known as the sworn enemy of Daredevil, The Man Without Fear-but that's okay 'cause there's more than enough Kingpin to go around for everyone! Going through criminal empires like candy, the Kingpin's seen more ups and downs in his law-defying career than any 10 mob bosses. Though a patient schemer and a brilliant tactician, the voluminous villain's story's been edited by the very finest: Daredevil. And now that story's opening up a brand new chapter in DAREDEVIL #116, on sale February 25. That's right: the Kingpin's back and his past battles with ol' Hornhead might deserve some renewed scrutiny-forearmed is forewarned!

DAREDEVIL v1 #170 (1981) It all began here. A reputedly-reformed Kingpin returned to New York after the abduction of his beloved wife and once again took hold of his life of crime. This time Daredevil opposed him and the wily villain set Bullseye on his case-which didn't go all too well for our hero.

DAREDEVIL v1 #227 (1986) "Apocalypse" might've been too soft a term for the Kingpin's most damaging blow against Daredevil yet. His secret identity betrayed by a former love, Matt Murdock's life took punch after punch as the Kingpin systematically destroyed everything that mattered to him: his home, his money, his career, and more. Luckily, Daredevil perceived the criminal's fingerprints all over the dastardly deed and eventually gained his revenge.

DAREDEVIL v1 #300 (1992) Turnabout became fair play when Daredevil approached the destruction of the Kingpin's career in the same systematic fashion his archrival utilized against him. Assailed on all sides, the large lawbreaker devolved into a virtual animal and, after a punishing beating from Daredevil, ended up jail, the beginning of a slow slide into utter defeat.

DAREDEVIL v2 #50 (2003) Never one to know when to stay out after being knocked down, the Kingpin gathered together a bevy of crime bosses to announce his intention to regain what he'd lost. Daredevil didn't take kindly to the notion and crashed the party to inform his old adversary of his disapproval and his continued and wholehearted opposition to the Kingpin's newest schemes.

DAREDEVIL v2 #86 (2006) Having both been sent to the same prison for different crimes, Matt Murdock and the former Kingpin of Crime found themselves embroiled in a cell block riot. Though still filled with hatred for the man who'd almost single-handedly ruined his life, Daredevil fought at his enemy's side against the rising tide of violent inmates. When fellow prisoner Bullseye prepared to escape, Matt sized up the situation and dodged a bullet meant for him and allowed it to take out the Kingpin's kneecap. As a capper to the day, he also dealt Bullseye a much-deserved thrashing. Returned from abroad, the Kingpin's fixing his eye on New York yet again sizing up his enemies-including The Man Without Fear. It's the prelude to "Return of the King" and it can be found only in DAREDEVIL #116 on February 25! For more of the Kingpin, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" now on iTunes!



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