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Exclusive Digital Comics

Exclusive Digicomics: Wolvie & Punisher

Check out this new exclusive digicomic: Astonishing Tales: Wolverine/Punisher #3!

Have you read our exclusive Digital Comics yet? Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited offers all-new, all-awesome stories starring your favorite heroes only available to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscribers. Stay tuned to Marvel.com for news on future exclusive Digital Comics!
ASTONISHING TALES: WOLVERINE/PUNISHER #3 Ever wonder what happens when you start trouble with Wolverine and the Punisher at the same time? Wonder no more as we unleash two of Marvel's most ruthless heroes in ASTONISHING TALES: WOLVERINE/PUNISHER #3. Wolverine and Punisher are outnumbered with Hydra, Lady Viper, and Kimura gunning for their coat tails. Will our heroes bring their patented method of villain eradication? Or will thing be different this time around? ASTONISHING TALES: WOLVERINE/PUNISHER #3 Written by: C.B. Cebulski Art by: Kenneth Rocafort Only available in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Coming next week: ASTONISHING TALES: IRON MAN 2020 #3

Fast forward through time to the year 2020 as we follow Arno Stark in ASTONISHING TALES: IRON MAN 2020 #3. Commodore Q and his crew are heading full steam towards Arno's new heliliner and things are about to get complicated. Get ready to find out what the Iron Man of the future is all about! Written by: Daniel Merlin Goodbrey Art by: Lou Kang Only available in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" now on iTunes!
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