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New York Comic-Con 2009

NYCC '09: The New Mutants Return

The original New Mutants are back in a new ongoing title by Zeb Wells and Diogenes Neves

By Tim Stevens During the 80's, as it passed through various creators hands, NEW MUTANTS gained a reputation as being one of the most interesting, challenging books on the shelves. This summer writer Zeb Wells and artist Diogenes Neves (X-MEN: WORLDS APART) will set out to recapture that glory. But they will not have to do it themselves. The original New Mutants team of Karma, Cannonball, Danielle Moonstar, and Sunspot-as well as a few later recruits like Magik-will also be on the scene to help. "It was part of the conception of the book," explains NEW MUTANTS editor Nick Lowe of the reunion. "They are a classic team and were one of the best-selling Marvel books for years back in the original run. They outsold Spider-Man and the Avengers. We wanted to bring them back together. The time's right." Lowe has faith that Wells and Neves can

preview art by
Diogenes Neves

deliver. "[Neves is a] fantastic artist and he's doing the best work of his career on this book," the editor touts. "Zeb and I have been trying to work together for years. He's written some of my favorite Marvel books of the past several years-SPIDER-MAN/DOC OCK: YEAR ONE, NEW WARRIORS. His issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN were my faves, too. He brings such energy and a really unique voice to whatever book he writes. I'm looking forward to how Zeb's interpreting the characters." No doubt fans of the classic series will be as well. And this summer, they will all get their chance to relive that interesting, challenging series once again. For all the latest news, announcements and interviews, plus live panel blogging, video features and much more, visit Marvel.com's NYCC 2009 Hub Page! Also, be sure to check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything X-Men! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" now on iTunes!



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