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New York Comic-Con 2009

NYCC '09: Spidey Gets Star Treatment

Saturday Night Live cast members Bill Hader and Seth Meyers join (briefly) the Spider-Man team

By Tim Stevens Spider-Man meet Saturday Night Live. Saturday Night Live meet Spider-Man. No, SNL has not finally recognized the comedic stylings of Peter Parker and offered him a hosting gig. Rather, cast members Bill Hader and Seth Meyer will be bringing their unique brand of humor to bear in a Spider-Man one-shot drawn by none other than legendary comic book artist Kevin Maguire. Bringing Maguire into the project went a long way towards calming both Meyer and Hader's nerves as they knew, no matter what they wrote, it would look great on the page. Plus, as many already know, Meyer has struck up something of a friendship with Maguire stemming with a sketch the actor/writer got from the artist during a random encounter on his birthday a few years earlier. Fans can thank the Hollywood writer's strike for bringing the cast members to comics as the duo found themselves with plenty of time and little to do while the studios and the writers attempted to hammer out the details of a new deal. During that time, fatefully, they ended up at a Christmas party with Steve Wacker. Wacker recalls, "We met at party a year or two a go and they were interested in coming up with something for Marvel. We all went to lunch along with fellow Marvel editor Warren Simons and it all sort of fell into place." The fruits of that serendipitous encounter led to a marathon session of walking around New York and spit balling ideas for Meyers and Hader. At the end of it, they more or less had the plot worked and ready to go. The one-shot focuses on the high jinks of a pretend Spider-Man during Halloween and will be released in May. "Just in time for Halloween," the duo jokes. Wearing the Spidey costume might seem like a good idea, but certain villains quickly notice it and take up chase. To make matters worse for the fun loving fraud, the real Spider-Man finds himself busy being unconscious and of no help. Check out the official Marvel Shop! Also, be sure to check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" now on iTunes!
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