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Weekly Watcher World Premiere

Weekly Watcher World Premiere: Punisher #3

Get a sneak peek at this week's Weekly Watcher World Premiere!

Every week on the "Weekly Watcher" we bring you all-new Marvel awesomeness you can't get anywhere else. We call it the "Weekly Watcher" World Premiere! Meanwhile, every Thursday, keep your saucers peeled for a special Premiere peek! Then, catch the full Premiere "Weekly Watcher" every Friday right here at Marvel.com.
You know you want it! This edition of Weekly Watcher World Premiere has feature art from PUNISHER #3! Pick up the issue when it goes on sale March 18th!

preview art
by Jerome Opena

Sorry folks, no Weekly Watcher World Premiere last week means no preview art for today! Don't forget to watch the full premiere in the February 13 episode of the Weekly Watcher.
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