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Guardians of the Galaxy: A Land Beyond

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning muse on Drax and Quasar's voyage past the veil of death

Preview art by
Wesley Craig

By Jim Beard In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #11, Drax the Destroyer and Quasar take a trip beyond life...and death. "Drax and Quasar have uncovered evidence that Moondragon-Drax's daughter and Quasar's lover-might not be as dead as she appeared to be," says Abnett of the tale. "They go out on a quest to find her, and wind up having a very spooky and very alarming adventure." Fans of the smash series know that Moondragon's apparent demise at the hands of Ultron came about during the recent Annihilation Conquest story line. On March 11 in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #11, the unlikeliest father-daughter team of all time, Drax and Moondragon, take center stage, whether they like it or not.

Preview art by
Wesley Craig

"Both characters have been hard to like: Drax is so grim-though he's an utter favorite of ours-and Moondragon is so arrogant," Lanning explains. "It's nice to do a story that humanizes them a little. "Ever since the death of Thanos, Drax has been a warrior without a purpose. His entire rationale has gone. In GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, we've shown how he's tried to find a role and a purpose for himself, a cause. He's waking up to the idea that his daughter might be quite important after all." Though Quasar's father, the Kree warrior known as Captain Marvel, died many moons ago his popularity throughout the hallowed halls of Marveldom Assembled never truly diminished. Now, hot on the heels of the Skrull Captain Mar-Vell of Secret Invasion comes word that GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #11 also features what Abnett and Lanning describe as a possible "shock" for their readers-could it be the shade of the real Mar-Vell?

cover by
David Yardin

"Captain Marvel is just one of the coolest heroes ever, and a great deal of that coolness is due to the quality of Jim Starlin's stories, especially his awesome DEATH OF CAPTAIN MARVEL graphic novel," notes Lanning. If this séance-of-a-sort truly transpires, what might the father think of his daughter Phyla's carrying of two legacies, his own and that of Quasar? "It's going to be hard to say," Abnett admits. "We get the impression he's not that struck by her achievements." The boundary between this world and the next can be a murky one and not easily defined. They who've charted the course of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #11 view the lines in their own unique way, leaving us with a definite chill down our spines. "This is about Oblivion and Eternity, but the nature of the great cosmic struggle has reached the point where having powerful embodiments of cosmic concepts to fight the war is important again," says Abnett. "The avatars of death and life are returning, and that only happens when the cosmos is at the brink."

And while you ponder the imponderable, gaze also upon the mysterious image to the left that recently pierced the veil from beyond. The striking woman therein looks like Quasar...or perhaps not? If it does represent Phyla, what could have brought her to this decidedly colder look? Death becomes her, or maybe she becomes Death... Journey beyond with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #11, courtesy of Abnett, Lanning and artist Wesley Craig, on March 11. You can also check out more GUARDIANS courtesy of Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited.

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