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Tom Brevoort Presents Take My Trade

Can Marvel Comics' Executive Editior trade his way to a copy of FANTASTIC FOUR #1?


Never have the stakes for comic collecting reached such great heights! Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has embarked on a journey to trade comics from his personal collection for an elusive copy of FANTASTIC FOUR #1, and needs your help along the way! The goal of "Take My Trade" is simple: for Brevoort to trade his way to the landmark issue by the end of 2009 and auction it off for charity. All proceeds will go toward The Hero Initiative, a non-profit organization that aids comic book creators in need. Heroic endeavors all for a heroic cause!

Certificate of

Regularly on his Marvel.com blog, Blah Blah Blog, Tom will feature five comics from his collection available for trade. If you think you have an offer for him, shoot him an email at tbrevoort@marvel.com with your proposition! For any deals made, Tom will send recipients an official "Certificate of Meaninglessness," complete with his signature! How has Tom fared so far? The response has caught the eye of, the man, Stan "The Man" Lee! The Marvel legend himself has already offered to swap pieces from his personal collection, complete with autographs. If you play your cards right, maybe you could get your hand on a piece of Stan! Read what he had to say to Tom! Hey, Tom! I was perusing the usual iconic Interwebs when I stumbled across your blog with the super-sensational comic trading idea. The only thing wrong with it is that you thought of it before I did! It's a terrific way for fans-and even normal people-- to interact with the maniacal madmen of Marvel! In fact, it's such a cataclysmically cool idea-I've gotta get in on the action myself! So, after recklessly rummaging through my fabled files, I found the following mags which, due to my legendary generosity, I'll be happy to make available for trade: • Astonishing Tales #9 (featuring Ka-Zar!) • Ka-Zar #1 (I'm nutty for that saber-toothed sensation, Zabu!) • Strange Tales #140 (by Jolly Jack and Yours Truly!) • Strange Tales #141 (More Yours Truly! More Jolly Jack Kirby!) • ...and a near-and-dear to my heart copy of the senses-shattering Not Brand Echh #2! To sweeten the deal-or maybe poison it!-I'll even scribble a "Stan Lee" signature on the books as well. Yep, if you want a copy personally defaced by Yours Truly, I'll be glad to go that extra mile for you! So what sayest thou? Sufficient trade bait? Let's get this show on the road and see where the wonderment takes us! I'll be awaiting your reply with bated breath-and you know how hard it is to bate a breath, so drop everything and let's give Fandom Assembled something to cheer about! Stan Lee (Whoops! Almost forgot--- Excelsior!) Keep visiting Marvel.com to find out whether or not Tom succeeds! Check out the official Marvel Shop for the best mighty Marvel merchandise! Download episodes of "X-Men: Evolution" now on iTunes!

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