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See Tony Stark in a New Civil War Light in Iron Man #13

For months, readers have seen Iron Man as the leader of the Pro-Registration forces in the pages of Civil War, but in Iron Man #13, Tony Stark's feelings and reasoning for his stance in the war are finally revealed. Tony Stark has taken up arms against his friends and allies in the name of Super-Human Registration. But making that decision was not easy for him, and it's a decision that has kept him up each night since the Act passed. Find out what prompted a prominent leader of the super-hero community to turn on his own. Get inside Tony Stark's head, to understand why he supports the registration act so strongly, and why he is willing to use any means necessary to enforce it. And, see how conflicted the stoic hero truly is when he's behind closed doors. By the end of Iron Man #13 and the conclusion of the Civil War arc in Iron Man #14, be prepared to see Tony Stark in a whole new light. IRON MAN #13 (AUG062049) Written by DANIEL & CHARLES KNAUF Penciled by PATRICK ZIRCHER Cover by ADI GRANOV 32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99 FOC - 10/26, On-Sale - 11/15/2006



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