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TGIF: Sorcerers Supreme

Ed Brubaker, Phil Jimenez, Peter David and more cast their votes for who should be Marvel's master of magic

By Chris Bramante & Ben Morse

Doctor Strange has checked out of his private practice and the Marvel Universe needs a new Sorcerer Supreme to handle its mystic maladies.

On Wednesday, the Secret Cabal gave its picks, but today, we turn to the professionals, polling Marvel's editors and creators on who should fill that red and yellow cloak.

It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.


PHIL JIMENEZ (artist of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN): Magik! Bring Magik back as the fabulous mutant sorceress she is, and let her assume the role of Sorceress Supreme of the Marvel Universe!

Baron Mordo

MIKE KELLY (Associate Editor of the "Amazing Spider-Man" newspaper strip) I'd love to see Doctor Strange's original rival, Baron Mordo, take up the mantle of Earth's Sorcerer Supreme as he was trained to do by the Ancient One before the arrival of Dr. Stephen Strange. This would mesh nicely with the rise to power of Marvel's arch-villains in Dark Reign. However, a great twist would be how becoming the Sorcerer Supreme changes Mordo, and perhaps allows him a chance for redemption as he tries to live up to this huge responsibility. Will he ultimately succeed or fail in his old rival's shadow? That's up to Marvel's stellar stable of scribes to decide!

PETER DAVID (writer of X-FACTOR): First of all, Doctor Strange is never out of the picture. I firmly believe he'll be back and reassume his mantle. In the meantime, if I had to go back over the whole of Marvel history and pick an heir? That's easy: Clea. Aside from Wong, no one has worked more closely with Strange or learned more, considering she was his disciple at one point. Granted, someone like, say, the Scarlet Witch is higher profile, but she's also proven unstable. If power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely, do you really want to have someone who's had several mental meltdowns wielding power of that magnitude? Granted, stories that are specifically about an unstable supreme sorcerer could be pretty darned compelling. I'd read those. Heck, I'd write those. But from a common sense point of view, Clea seems the most worthy candidate.


MICHAEL HORWITZ (Marvel assistant editor): She may not be the most qualified—or mentally stable—candidate, but Erica Fortune, the onesie-wearing witch more famously known as Spellbinder, would be a boss Sorcerer Supreme. Thanks to those magic bands that give her control over chaos and order, she's already darn-near omnipotent and I imagine the only thing she's missing in life is the title. It would be like Grace Kelly being crowned princess of Monaco. I mean, that is if Grace Kelly had fought a lizard-wizard named Zxaxz. In which case it's exactly the same.

KEVIN GREVIOUX (writer of ADAM: LEGEND OF THE BLUE MARVEL): I would really like to see Brother Voodoo become Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe. He is an interesting character that has been too obscure for too many years. I think he could bring a dynamic energy to the role in a way that hasn't been explored before.

WILLIAM MESSNER-LOEBS (former writer of THOR): I would like to see Agatha Harkness as Sorcerer Supreme. She has the right gravitas, and she is so different from Strange. Still she is on the right side and there's a lot of room in her history for development.

TONY ISABELLA (former writer of GHOST RIDER): I thought Brian Bendis was the new Sorcerer Supreme!

Doctor Doom

ADAM POLLINA (artist of ANGEL: REVELATIONS): In my humble opinion with Doctor Strange out of the picture, the only person with both the [guts] and experience to confidently handle the reigns as Sorcerer Supreme is clearly Doctor Doom!

I've said my piece.

MARC SUMERAK (writer of WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS): Who better to take over the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme than everyone's favorite Lord of the Loa, Jericho Drumm—aka Brother Voodoo? He's already got all of the proper mystical credentials, as well as a New Orleans connection that could add a bit of extra spicy Cajun flavor to the Marvel Universe. Plus, with his extensive knowledge of the Voudoun arts, maybe he can finally do something about those pesky Marvel Zombies that keep popping up everywhere!

BILL ROSEMANN (Marvel editor): Let's see…Doctor Strange has given up the role of Sorcerer Supreme, and Illyana Rasputin just returned in X-INFERNUS? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new Sorceress Supreme: Magik!

PAUL CORNELL (writer of CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13): I think it should be Wiccan. A huge, sudden responsibility, unasked for, on his young shoulders. Much drama to be had. And he deserves it.

Brother Voodoo

RAFA SANDOVAL (Marvel Young Gun 2009 artist): There are two characters that I like for this position, the first is Shaman, who I think is the perfect candidate. The other candidate that I like is the Scarlet Witch.

ED BRUBAKER (writer of CAPTAIN AMERICA): It has to be either Brother Voodoo or the Dread Dormammu, right? I mean, either of them would be a total badass as sorcerer supreme.

RALPH MACCHIO (Marvel Senior Editor): At this time, I'd like to see no one else take on the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme and see how badly things go for the Earth dimension. I think it would be interesting for the rest of the denizens of Marvel Earth to have to contend with the mystical nasties that would slip through the now unguarded dimensional barriers and wreak havoc here. That I would enjoy more than just another guy taking on the [role].

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yea, i never really liked her character as well, and you're right she's too cliche. most marvel characters are, but even though, a good writer or good writing can over come that ... anyways, i just thought, thinking logically, in my opinion, talisman/shaman or whatever her name is right now, would make a good candidate for the role of SS because of her magic powers, potentials, attributes and abilities. like i said, her ability to be "a mortal channel through which the gods can fight," which i thought something that the vishanti might like about her, among all her other abilities (she is a natural [a form of genius maybe?] when it all comes down to magic).i know she will not be, she was never nominated, hey, maybe because she is canadian and she resides in canada, but considering her abilities and overlooking her B status as a hero (and canadian j/j), i believe she can be a formidable sorceress/shaman/witch whatever if anyone takes an interest in her like i did... and as for why not aliens be the next sorcerer supreme....if it were, i doubt it will want to stay in earth and meddle in earths' daily conflicts and join the avengers or something and live in Manhattan. it probably will want to stay within the vicinity of its home planet or wherever it came from and deal with their own peoples' problems first...what then?


i also like to add that i am a big fan of doctor strange but lately he's been a disappointing character. im a big fan of doom but lately he's also been a disappointing villain who has been recently been reduce to a minion ( unless its part of his scheme to attain great powers again)...and why would he be chosen to be the next sorcerer supreme when he's considered evil and will use his powers for personal purposes and already has a boss to take orders from? Talisman on the other hand (someone i just recently read more about) was another obscured hero whom after reviewing her profile in wiki, i have deduced she has the most potential of fulfilling the title of SS, which seem totally unexpected for someone to potentially be the next sorcerer supreme. this is how i see it: she is naturally gifted and probably a unnatural genius when it come to magic ([assumption]maybe due to being a channel for the gods or the mystic force itself, she can consciously and subconsciously understand the working of magic:kind of how mr. fantastic gets his extra boost of intelligence from the cosmic powers). see wiki for powers and ability....she would be chosen because of her affinity to magic, her potential ( which the writers would want, in order to avoid another dues ex machina type power/character) that can be built up in any direction:good or evil or both.she is a fresh character that can easily be assimilated to the dark reign storyline: she would have to juggle saving the world using the shaman type magic she has learned and at the same time learning other types of magic to broaden her scope ( this has a potential for good story covering and exploring magic in marvel u etc). somehow manage to integrate herself into a new lifestyle ( especially in america and its current politics) trying to choose sides, trying not to be corrupted or be too influenced by the likes of dr. strange and the avengers, dr. doom, loki, osborn, and many others ( someone to be underestimated because of her minor B status hero)etc, avoid being destroyed or taken advantage of by opposing forces.....it would make logical sense for the next SS to be from a different culture this time too...right? but she can be easily integrated in American society (where the pinnacle of change is happening) and heck wolverine can help her lol (but i hope not)i believe she has the potential of making a fresh sorcerer supreme story...


i was hoping that the new Sorcerer Supreme would be female and also hoping that it would be talisman aka Elizabeth Twoyoungmen( but change her name to something that best suits her new role)... to me she seems she has the most potential of fulfilling that role. someone who has the affinity to become greater than stephen strange and can become even greater than magick and scarlet witch in being masters of utilizing magic naturally...i hope in the future marvel finds a way to explore its mystical natures considering it has a lot of it, from many sorcerers that exist to vampires to mystical ninjas to other mystical creatures and gods...like x men is about mutants, f4 to the science factors of marvel U and maybe MIDNIGHTS ( about the new sorcerer supreme and her band of magic powered allies) to marvels mysticism...this could explore how magic works, how they use magic, what kind of magic tools and artifacts, weapons potions spells curses are cast, creatures, cultures, "technology" and how magic affected the marvel u...the list goes on...


I like Ralph's suggestion the best of any mentioned here. But I'm surprised no one has mentioned Margali Szardos.Heck, she gave Strange a run for his money back when he [i] was[/i] Sorcerer Supreme all the way back in UXM Annual #4