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FIRST LOOK: Deadpool: Suicide Kings #2

Get a good look at the second issue of DEADPOOL: SUICIDE KINGS!

cover by
Mike McKone

DEADPOOL: SUICIDE KINGS #2 COVER BY: MIKE MCKONE WRITER: MIKE BENSON PENCILS: CARLO BARBERI INKS: SANDU FLOREA COLORED BY: MARTE GRACIA LETTERED BY: VC THE STORY: "SUICIDE KINGS," PART 2: DEAD MAN'S HAND Deadpool's latest job has gotten him into a world of trouble. Someone's framed Deadpool, and it just might be the same guy who hired him in the first place, a guy who just might be using the mouthy merc as a wild card in a twisted wager. If Wade's going to clear his name and serve up some revenge, first he's got to avoid getting killed by the force of nature known as the Punisher. That's right: It's Wade versus Frank round, like, whatever...and the only way Deadpool's going to survive is with a little help from a certain Man Without Fear. Parental Advisory ...$3.99 PRICE: $3.99 IN STORES: May 13, 2009 Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes! Download episodes of X-Men: Evolutionicon now on iTunes!

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