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Preview: The Odyssey #8

The comic adaptation of one of the history's greatest stories comes to a close.

COVER BY: GREG TOCCHINI WRITER: ROY THOMAS PENCILS: GREG TOCCHINI INKS: ROLAND PARIS COLORED BY: ARTUR FUJITA LETTERED BY: VC - JOE CARAMAGNA THE STORY: The final chapter of one of the great works of literature. Odysseus and his son Telemachus triumph over the suitors wanting his wife's hand in marriage. An overjoyed Penelope is finally convinced that this is her husband. But there is still one final act to play as the reunited couple is led by the god Hermes to the Land of the Dead to confront the spirit of Odysseus' father, Laertes. It is a gut-wrenching conclusion to the epic journey of this great Greek hero. Don't miss it. Rated T+ ...$3.99 IN STORES: April 8, 2009 Check out the official Marvel Shop for your favorite Marvel Heroes! Download episodes of X-Men: Evolution Season 1icon now on iTunes!

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