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TGIF: WrestleMania

Christos Gage, Mike Perkins and more line up their Marvel dream matches for WWE's Showcase of the Immortals

By Chris Bramante & Ben Morse This Sunday, Christmas comes early-or about three months late-for professional wrestling fans as World Wrestling Entertainment prevents the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania! To commemorate sports entertainment's biggest spectacle of the year, we asked Marvel's resident wrestling nuts-and whoever else we could find-what Marvel grudge matches they'd love to see carry over to WWE's grandest stage of them all. It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.
SEBASTIAN GIRNER (Marvel assistant editor): I want to see Ursa Major and Devil Dinosaur wrestle.

Cable vs

I want to see Cable and Bishop arm-wrestle. I want to see the Blob and Shuma-Gorath sumo wrestle I want to see Sue Storm and Rogue mud wrestle. MIKE PERKINS (artist of THE STAND: AMERICAN NIGHTMARES): I confess to not being much of a wrestling fan but seeing Black Widow and Emma Frost mud wrestle-now that could be interesting. CHRISTOS GAGE (writer of AVENGERS: THE INIATIVE): I remember the first WrestleMania! I saw the second and third at the Worcester Centrum on closed-circuit TV in the prehistoric days before pay-per-view. Anyway, I want to see the Blob-when he had his powers-fight the Juggernaut. Actually, I want to write that fight. It would be like Andre the Giant vs. King Kong Bundy! TOM BRENNAN (Marvel assistant editor and heartthrob): Me vs the comic book fan's love affair with pro wrestling. STEVE WACKER (Marvel editor): X-Force vs good taste and personal dignity.

Daredevil vs
the Kingpin

WELLINTON ALVES (artist of WAR OF KINGS: ASCENSION): I'd love to see Daredevil vs the Kingpin. Those two guys would give us a great show in a steel cage. A big strong guy and a very fast warrior-I think that would be great. BILL ROSEMANN (Marvel editor): As Marvel's #1 pro-wrestling fan-and yes, I'll square off in a Four Corners Match with Arune Singh, Jim Nausedas and Damon Nee to claim that title-I will indeed be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania this weekend. In that spirit, my Marvel WrestleMania card would be... Tag Team Championship-Street Fight Rules Power Man & Iron Fist vs Daredevil & the Black Widow Intercontinental Championship-Triple Threat Match Batroc Ze Leaper vs Union Jack vs El Aguila

Jean Grey
vs Emma Frost

Divas Championship/For the Hand of Scott Summers Jean Grey vs Emma Frost Battle for the Cowl...uh, I mean Slobberknocker for the Shield Steve Rogers vs James "Bucky" Barnes Hell in a Cell-Winner Gets One More Day with MJ Spider-Man v. Mephisto Happy WrestleMania 25, Everyone! IVAN BRANDON (writer of SECRET INVASION: HOME INVASION): I would very much like to see Brian Bendis and Jeph Loeb in a steel cage scenario. AXEL ALONSO (Marvel Executive Editor): I would like to see Shang Chi go toe-to-toe with Iron Fist. Wait-take that back! Shanna the She-Devil and Psylocke. Don't ask. KEVIN GREVIOUX (writer of ADAM: LEGEND OF THE BLUE MARVEL): I'd like to see Thor and the Hulk go all out in a 20 x 20 adamantium cage. The Hulk is steadily getting stronger, pummeling away at hammerless Thor for the first few minutes. Then Thor responds in kind, tapping into his immortal essence, countering every blow and

Wolverine vs
Anita Blake

delivering untold damage to his jade opponent, damage the Hulk has never experienced before. Finally, after hours of battle, and after both are severely battered and broken, Thor calls upon all his skills as Marvel's greatest warrior and gets the Hulk in a choke-hold. In one supreme effort, the Thunder God snaps the emerald giant's neck leaving the "Strongest one there is" unconscious. Thor claims victory right before he collapses from total exhaustion. MICHAEL HORWITZ (Marvel assistant editor): Is there any question? We need a bruise 'em up between everyone's favorite mutant, Wolverine, and Anita Blake, the steely vampire hunter! Impossible you say? I say thee nay!! Just check out this spankin' hot ANITA BLAKE: THE LAUGHING CORPSE: NECROMANCER #1 variant cover on stands next week! Wait, what's that sound? That's your mind-exploding with awesomeness! To find out how you can be a part of the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania, visit WWE's official site! Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Marvel Heroes! Download episodes of X-Men: Evolution Season 1icon now on iTunes!


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