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Emerald City Con 2009

Emerald City '09: Immortal Weapons

Jason Aaron teases Fat Cobra's star turn in the upcoming series of IMMORTAL WEAPONS one-shots

By Kevin Mahadeo The champion of K'un L'un takes some time to mediate as the IMMORTAL IRON FIST series goes on hiatus beginning in July. But worry not fans of the Fist; Marvel Comics brings you more martial arts madness in the form of five extra-sized IMMORTAL WEAPONS one-shots each by a different creative team and each focusing on a member of Iron Fist's fellow champions. The first issue stars the lightning fast Fat Cobra and features the creative team of writer Jason Aaron and artist Mico Suayan. "I've been a big fan of the [IMMORTAL IRON FIST] series from the get-go," enthuses Aaron. "What [original series writers Matt] Fraction and [Ed] Brubaker did on that book was just awesome. They boiled the character down to his cooler core concepts and expanded his world with all

these new characters. It created and incredibly fun playground for someone else to step into." First appearing in IMMORTAL IRON FIST issue #8, Fat Cobra represented his Capital City of Heaven during the Capital Cities tournament, besting even Iron Fist himself in battle. Cobra eventually proved a valued ally to Danny Rand when he and the other Immortal Weapons joined together to bring down Hydra and save K'un Lun. However, beyond his present actions and his love of food and women, little has been revealed about this master fighter. "He's a big, fat, sumo-looking guy who is an incredible fighter that seems to enjoy his food, wine and wenches in waiting," says Aaron. "My story pretty much fills in his origin. He's incredibly old; he's a little over 100 years old. He's lived a long life and traveled all over the world, and through the course of that, he's drank vast, vast amounts of intoxicants. At this point, much of his past is a bit of a haze. He can't remember too many of the details, so he hires a writer to research his life and write the book of Fat Cobra. He figures he can sit and thrill once again to his past forgotten glories." Aaron reveals that the issue starts off with the book finished and Cobra taking a look at his once forgotten past, but the fighter quickly learns that some things may be best left forgotten. "It's not quite as thrilling as he hoped it would be," explains Aaron. "We see the

dark side of his struggle to become the Immortal Weapon for his mystical city and the price he has to pay in order to achieve that." But don't expect only the grim and gritty-count on some offbeat surprises along the way. "You get to see all the fights, the beautiful women, cameos by everyone from Elvis Pressley to Googam, Son of Goom," promises Aaron. "Elvis was a bit of a Kung Fu aficionado and 'The King' obviously loved his food, so it made sense that he and Fat Cobra would have crossed paths one time for a relationship that involved Kung Fu and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. "I think this [story] has a lot opportunity for crazy action, beautiful women, exotic locations and a trip down the last 100 years or so of history. Wackiness plus a lot of real emotion. And if nothing else that particular scene [with Elvis] gives you Fat Cobra with an afro." Not a subscriber to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited yet? Join now! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Marvel Heroes! Download episodes of X-Men: Evolution Season 1icon now on iTunes!
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The 7 Capital Cities of Heaven was one the tightest arcs I've read in a looong time; art, storyboarding, dialogue, the plot itself. Immortal Iron Fist is still an awesome book so to see a spin-off of these characters, who're still playing major roles in the title is exciting and enthusing. Must pick up the Aja variant covers too, classic style.


Fat Cobra AND Jason Aaron! OH YES!