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She-Hulk: In a Man's World

Writer Fred Van Lente continues the new She-Hulk's tour of the Marvel Universe, telling us all about what her future holds

Preview art by
Peter Vale

By Marc Strom

Considering her parentage, you don't expect too many people would want to mess with the new She-Hulk.

But since no one knows Lyra as the daughter of the Hulk and Thundra from a distant future, fans can expect plenty of property destruction as she continues her rampage through the present in ALL-NEW SAVAGE SHE-HULK #2 on May 6, courtesy of writer Fred Van Lente and artist Peter Vale.

The series' second issue opens with a full-on slugfest between Lyra and the original She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters, but don't expect Jen to go easy on the time-traveling Jade Giantess just because they have a similar complexion!

"Jen has been contracted by A.R.M.O.R. to shut down Lyra at all costs," Van Lente notes. "All Jen knows about Lyra is that she comes from Thundra's timeline and wears Thundra's outfit. Sure, she's got green skin, but so do a lot of other people. [However] if she finds out Lyra is her kin, too, as her cousin Bruce Banner's daughter…well, wouldn't that be interesting?"

Lyra has traveled to the present in order to find out what has gone wrong with her culture's cloning technology, equipment that bares Norman Osborn's name even in the

Preview art by
Peter Vale

future. However, Van Lente remains tight-lipped on just what made him think of the connection between Osborn's current Dark Reign and Lyra's future world.

"That would be giving away a little too much," the writer warns. "Rest assured that the connection between Norman Osborn and what brought about the apocalypse that destroyed the Marvel Universe [and] preceded Lyra's man-vs-woman world is specific—and terrifying."

The "man-vs-woman world" that Lyra inhabits also has a great deal of similarity to the world the Amazonian Artume created in INCREDIBLE HERCULES #125, co-written by Van Lente. However, the writer says that the two stories coming out so close to one another reveal "a coincidence of scheduling" more than his personal views as a writer.

"And really, the Amazonian world from [INCREDIBLE HERCULES] was made directly from the twisted, paranoid mind of the villainess Artume," Van Lente continues. "Lyra's world, as bizarre as it may be, flows from a very logical progression of future history. Well, 'logical' if some of the darker aspects of Dark Reign are allowed to run their natural course without our present day heroes' intervention."

Lyra's trip to the present also gives her a first-hand look at a culture very different from her own, which favors a hard separation between the sexes.

Preview art by
Peter Vale

"And, keep in mind, as the definitive product of a man and a woman—unlike all the other members of the Sisterhood Republic, who were generated via cloning—she is a 'freak' to many in the all-female society she's sworn to defend," adds Van Lente.

Unfortunately, Lyra probably won't have too much time to take in the sights and compare them to the world she grew up in.

"Between battles with A.R.M.O.R., Jen 'Original She-Hulk' Walters and the Dark Avengers, Lyra doesn't have much time to catch her breath, much less reflect on the sociopolitical ramifications of her surroundings," says Van Lente. "But she might have the opportunity if her adventures were to continue in her own book, or—well. That would be telling, wouldn't it?"

After her upcoming battle with Jen Walters, Lyra will have to contend with a number of other super-powered denizens of the present day Marvel U, as Van Lente teases who else may show up within the pages of the ALL-NEW SAVAGE SHE-HULK.

"I like Jocasta for some reason. Probably the George Perez design. Any excuse I can to work Jocasta—or any of her descendants—into a series, and I will!

"Oh, yeah, and those Dark Avengers people. They're obscure characters, but I think they will really be a big hit if we can just get them the exposure they deserve in titles like ALL-NEW SAVAGE SHE-HULK. C'mon, gang, who's with me?"

ALL-NEW SAVAGE SHE-HULK #2 crashes into stores on May 6. In the mean time, check out the previous SHE-HULK series on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited!

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