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Weekly Watcher

The Weekly Watcher: April 17, 2009

Alexa talks Wolverine, Wolverine and more Wolverine in this week's ''Weekly Watcher''

Do you know about this Canadian super hero with sharp claws coming out of his hands named Wolverine? Did you also know he leads this little movie called "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" in theaters May 1? Alexa Mendez knows all about it! In fact, she can't walk around New York City without being reminded of Wolvie! Hear all the news about our favorite member of the X-Men and the rest of your favorite Marvel Heroes in this week's episode of "The Weekly Watcher"! Click on the links below for more information! X-Men Origins: Wolverine App Launches on Facebook Watch the New X-Men Origins: Wolverine Video Game Trailer Featuring Gambit Wolverine Month on Digital Comics Unlimited Watcher World Premiere: Dark Reign: The Hood #1 This Week's Stack
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