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Find out what your favorite Marvel scribes have in store for issues of ANITA BLAKE, DARK TOWER and more




ANITA BLAKE: THE LAUGHING CORPSE-NECROMANCER #4 (of 5) Written by LAURELL K. HAMILTON & JESS BOOTH Pencils & Cover by RON LIM BEST-SELLING AUTHOR LAURELL K. HAMILTON'S THRILLER CONTINUES! Anita Blake has a problem: the one woman who could answer all of her questions about millionaire Harold Gaynor's mysterious past isn't talking. The vampire hunter—who's been hunted and attacked by this self-made tycoon—wants the woman named Wheelchair Wanda to sing like a canary, and she's not above causing a little hurt to make it happen. Sometimes even the good guys have to get dirty… 32 PGS./Mature …$3.99


DARK TOWER: THE FALL OF GILEAD #3 (of 6) Written by ROBIN FURTH & PETER DAVID Pencils & Cover by RICHARD ISANOVE Variant Cover by MITCH BREITWEISER Sketch Variant by RICHARD ISANOVE Amidst the schemes that have taken hold of Gilead, there sits the grieving Aileen Cort, the girl who wanted nothing more than to be a gunslinger—and to claim the heart of the stoic Roland Deschain. But what does the death of the man who raised her and Roland's involvement in his mother's murder mean for their budding romance…and for Gilead itself? 48 PGS./Cardstock Cover/Parental Advisory…$3.99 ©2009 Stephen King. All rights reserved.


RIFTWAR #3 (of 5) Written by BRYAN J.L. GLASS Penciled by RYAN STEGMAN Cover by JASON CHAN It was only a handful of years ago that Tomas, Pug and Roland were a trio of best friends, running around the Castle Crydee, getting into scrapes and toasting their friendship. Now, Roland is the only one who remains in Crydee. Tomas finds himself deep in the Elf wood, Elvandar, while the elves see him falling deeper under the control of his enchanted armor. Pug, on the other side of the magical rift, in the land of the Tsurani, encounters the "Great Ones", Tsurani magicians who have great powers, and a great interest in the captured human. And back at Crydee, a commotion at the lighthouse and a mysterious approaching ship raise the stakes. Roland may try to find solace in the arms of Princess Carline, but a greater threat looms on the horizon… one that could mean the end of Crydee itself! 32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99


THE STAND: AMERICAN NIGHTMARES #4 (of 5) Written by ROBERTO AGUIRRE-SACASA Penciled by MIKE PERKINS Cover by LEE BERMEJO Variant Cover by MIKE PERKINS Sketch Variant by LEE BERMEJO The penultimate chapter of the second volume based on Stephen King's horror epic! The survivors of the Captain Trips plague have started to team-up. Stu Redman and Glen Bateman trade origin stories--and horror stories about their mutual nightmares--while Randall Flagg sets out to recruit his first soldier in the ultimate battle between Good and Evil: Lloyd Henreid. But will the starving madman accept the dark man's offer? And either way, will he or his soul survive? 32 PGS./Cardstock Cover/Parental Advisory …$3.99 ©2009 Stephen King. All rights reserved. Published by arrangement with The Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc.This graphic novel is produced under license from The Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group and Stephen King.

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I'm trying to find out why the Riftwar mini-series is rated Mature. Is it for violence, swearing, or sex/nudity? "America's childern need to know what they're getting into!" :cap: