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Civil War

Civil War Visual Guide

Your guide to every comic in this mega-event--and beyond

By Ryan Penagos The Marvel Universe is being torn in half by the events of Civil War! Every hero must take a stand-join the registration side or be hunted like a criminal! With an event as big as Civil War, we know that keeping track of all the titles involved can be a tough task. To help you out, we've posted every standard and variant cover for all Civil War titles. And to make things easier, we've also posted them in chronological order based on when they were released so you can see where each title fits into the larger story. Because the story is so vast and there are so many books, the actual reading order can be arranged numerous ways, but going in this order should keep you on the right path. While Marvel.com will continue to update the Civil War Gallery as needed, it's nearing its end. But with every ending, there's a new beginning. Out of Civil War comes The Initiative. Added on 10/17/07: Civil War Chronicles #1-4 and Fallen Son: Death of Captain America HC
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