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Captain America Week

Captain America Week Begins

Marvel.com celebrates a star-spangled summer with a week of art, interviews and more centered on Captain America

#50 cover by
Steve Epting

This summer, the rocket's red glare shines brighter than ever on Marvel's Star-Spangled Avenger as Captain America hits multiple milestones under the guidance of writer Ed Brubaker and an awe-inspiring army of creative collaborators! For the next week, Marvel.com has your hook-up for interviews, exclusive art and much more as we commemorate Captain America Week! What can you look forward to in the next few months? For starters, May 20 marks the release of CAPTAIN AMERICA #50, in which the current Cap, Bucky Barnes, marks his birthday by taking a trip down memory lane and reliving his brightest and darkest moments from World War II to the present in a story by Brubaker and artist Luke Ross. In a special second tale, Marcos Martin joins Brubaker to recap the incredible history of the original super soldier, Steve Rogers! Also, the legendary Fred Hembeck contributes an offbeat tale you can get a sneak peek at below. Once your appetite has been whet, get set for CAPTAIN AMERICA #600 on June 17, featuring more top notch talent than you can shake a dozen shields at setting out to answer the question: "Where Were You When Captain America Was Assassinated?" Brubaker and Butch Guice take the reins with Howard Chaykin, David Aja, Rafael Albuquerque and

#600 variant
cover by
Alex Ross

more pitching in with their own contributions! Classic Cap creators also make their return, as Roger Stern checks in on some of the supporting characters from his seminal run with the help of Kalman Androsofszky while Mark Waid, joined by Dale Eaglesham details the auction of a Captain America collector's most prized memorabilia. All this plus an illustrated essay by Cap co-creator Joe Simon, a full cover gallery featuring all 600 issues of CAPTAIN AMERICA-plus 78 of CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS-and more! And in July, another hallmark Marvel creator rejoins the fold as the one and only Gene Colan comes aboard CAPTAIN AMERICA #601 for a 40-page story written by Brubaker! This week on Marvel.com, we'll be speaking with Brubaker in a special two-part interview, revisiting the past of Captain America with Stern and Waid, and asking a bevy of creators how they felt when Steve Rogers died and Bucky Barnes took his place as the Sentinel of Liberty! Be sure to stick with us for Captain America Week and also head to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for classic Cap comics! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything Captain America! Download episodes of X-Men: Evolutionicon now on iTunes!

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