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TGIF: Wolverine's Costumes

Mike Choi, Marc Guggenheim, Paul Cornell and others select their favorite outfits from Wolverine’s wardrobe

Wolverine's the best he is at what he does and he'll be back in movie theaters on Friday, May 1 in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"! Here on Marvel.com, we're celebrating the Canucklehead's return to the silver screen all month long with COMPLETE Wolverine stories in Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, ever-present updates on the upcoming movie with all the latest photos, videos and more! So sharpen your claws and dig in, True Believers, Marvel.com's the place to be!
By Chris Bramante & Ben Morse He's the best there is at what he does, and what he does—is wear lots of neat outfits. The Secret Cabal already revealed their favorites of Wolverine's many costumes, so this week we asked various Marvel creators and editors to share their picks. It's Friday, so kick back, relax and enjoy.

ANDY LANNING (co-writer of WAR OF KINGS): It has to be the classic, yellow and blue Dave Cockrum version for me. It's the one I grew up with and is the definitive look and has the biggest belt buckle you could ever want! Cockrum designed some of the coolest, most enduring super hero costumes ever; when I think of my favorites, they are almost all Cockrum's: Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, the Imperial Guard, Lilandra and the Shi'Ar—the list is huge, every one a classic! MIKE PERKINS (artist of THE STAND: AMERICAN NIGHTMARES): I'm a big fan of the brown and bronze version of the costume. It seems more animalistic than a yellow and blue option. Of course, there's always the choice of the Weapon X "costume," but I don't think having a hairy, stumpy, naked Canadian with tubes and wires protruding from his body and orifices compliments the team aesthetic of an X-Group or the Avengers.

RALPH MACCHIO (Marvel Senior Editor): I prefer the costume he first appeared in [INCREDIBLE HULK wearing]. That yellow one just worked best for me though I can't really say why. WELLINTON ALVES (artist of WAR OF KINGS: ASCENSION): I think that my favorite Wolverine costume is that old brown costume. He was much more savage and [looked] more real than [in] some others costumes in my opinion. MARC SUMERAK (writer of WEAPON X: FIRST CLASS): Wolverine has worn a lot of great costumes over the years as a member of the X-Men and on his solo adventures, but one of my favorite costumes wasn't actually one of his at all! Back in UNCANNY X-MEN #107, a near-naked Wolvie picked a fight with the Shi'Ar Imperial Guardsman called Fang—and punctuated his victory by stealing the clothes right off the alien hero's back! The new duds didn't last long, but they gave Logan a raw, animalistic vibe that was a nice change from the ol' tiger-stripes. I just hope he had a chance to wash them first...

AXEL ALONSO (Marvel Executive Editor): As much as I like the classic costume, I've got to say I dig his black and silver X-Force costume; seems more practical for a guy like Logan, if for no other reason that it'll mask the bloodstains. Also, I love the way it evokes my Oakland Raiders. REILLY BROWN (former artist of CABLE & DEADPOOL): I think the costume the John Cassaday designed for Wolverine in ASTONISHING X-MEN is hands down the best suit he's ever worn. It was made of strong, bold shapes, and bright iconic colors, and even although it resembled his original design, it was an excellent update that wisely didn't include the underwear on the outside! Not only [is] it Wolverine's best costume, I think it's one of the best costume designs any Marvel hero has ever had. PAUL CORNELL (writer of CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13): I like the brown John Byrne version, mainly because it reminds me of a moment when my favorite comic changed, and I felt grown up because of it.

BILL ROSEMANN (Marvel editor): Maybe I like it best because I first saw it when I was younger—and there are many things we inexplicably like because we liked it when we were young—or maybe because it was the costume Logan wore in the classic [Chris] Claremont/[Frank] Miller WOLVERINE [limited series], but ya gotta give props to the brown and tan costume. I never understood why the toughest guy in the Marvel Universe would wear yellow, so to me, the earth-tone uniform is the best there is at what it does. And what it does is cover up Wolverine's hairy body. GREG HORN (former cover artist of MS. MARVEL): I always preferred the original yellow costume with the black stripes. There was something great about the way those stripes came to a point. The costume signaled "danger" the same way there is a pattern on a snake to warn other predators. With the brown costume, I had a feeling they were trying to make him physically look like a wolverine—that's just goofy. ROB LIEFELD (former writer/artist of WOLVERINE): I have always been partial to his brown costume—but probably not the brown costume you are thinking of. It's the

costume that he ripped off of Fang from the Imperial Guard in UNCANNY X-MEN #107-108. He actually wore it in an entire issue of IRON FIST that featured the X-Men. I was so taken by it as a kid that I filled my sketchbook with drawings of Wolverine in the Fang costume, with the teeth ornately presented around his neck and wrists. I even paid George Perez to draw a full figure "Wolverine in the Fang costume" at San Diego when I was a teenager. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I came back a few hours later and he drew a helluva Wolverine in the Fang costume. In UNCANNY X-MEN #109, the splash is Wolverine tugging at the costume, starting to take it off—my heart sank. Long live Wolverine in the Fang costume! JUAN DOE (artist of SPIDER-MAN & HUMAN TORCH: BAHIA DE LOS MUERTOS): Without a doubt, the original Wolverine costume is my favorite! I remember seeing Herb Trimpe's [INCREDIBLE HULK] cover with this crazy little bastard going toe to toe with the big ole' green one, I was like "Whaaat?!?! That's ma' [expletive deleted] right thurr!" The best at what he does yo!

FRANK TIERI (former writer of WOLVERINE): My favorite Wolvie costume? How about nothing. No costume at all. If you notice throughout most of my run, I almost never had him wear a costume. Why? Well, do you honestly see a tough guy like Wolvie wearing something along the lines of those canary yellow tights? I'm sort of thinking no. Second favorite? The Weapon X crazy naked guy look with the kooky helmet. Now that I could see that sick [expletive deleted] wearing. TOMMY LEE EDWARDS (upcoming artist of WOLVERINE): Oh, the 80's brown. Hands down. TOM BREVOORT (Marvel Executive Editor): I liked it when Sam Kieth drew Wolverine hunting buck naked in MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS, and the art department had to add in conveniently-positioned foliage to conceal his "fourth claw." MARC GUGGENHEIM (former writer of WOLVERINE): The brown and tan. Not even a question for me.

MICHAEL HORWITZ (Marvel assistant editor) The scarf. Yes, the scarf. Somewhere, Anthony Asquith is wondering who pillaged his wardrobe. KEVIN GREVIOUX (writer of ADAM: LEGEND OF THE BLUE MARVEL): I've always liked the brown uniform that John Byrne designed. It looks more animalistic to my mind in terms of its color scheme. And it really is better suited for stealth missions and the like. The yellow and gold suit just doesn't work for reconnaissance and camouflage work because it's too bright. MIKE CHOI (artist of X-FORCE): X-Force black and gray, hands down. I've never understood why someone named Wolverine would have tiger stripes. Close second would be the dress he wore as a child in [ORIGIN]. Oh, you silly Canadians and your cross-dressing.
For more Wolverine, check out Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. Like gaming? The official "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" video game hits stores May 1! And remember: "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" comes to a theater near you on May 1—visit the official "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" movie site! Check out the official Marvel Shop for everything X-Men! Download episodes of X-Men: Evolution Season 1icon now on iTunes!
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